Promo/Unreleased/Rare/Custom Spikes Thread v2.0


went bye bye for blocking too many people. most likely some form of an employee shutdown


It’s also possible that he displayed the wrong prototype shoe and that specific company demanded the account be shut down through legal means. I’m unsure of what the rules are in The States regarding technology under development.



I can comment on this from past experience. Typically an employee would DM you if you post something you’re not supposed to be posting. They ask you KINDLY to remove the picture. I always removed everything that they asked me to remove. I’m guessing they didn’t remove the picture or were asked to stop posting so many prototypes, which they didn’t do. Probably led to their account being terminated.


Another adidas athelte trying to hide that they are wearing a flyknit 4%. And yes it was a 4%, I saw this while at mile 24 watching the race.


three stripe life… not as good as swoosh life :confused:


Wonder what happened to that shoe adidas guys seemed to like in Boston then


Spotted on the web, Baylor has their own Vic 3s.
Adding to the list of universities with customs, including Oregon, Stanford, Univ of Colorado, USC, and a few others.


Da Silva is currently a Nike athlete so transitioning into adidas.


Amazing U of Portland Mamba Vs

Credits to Evert Silva of Portland & trackspikesusa ig




W/ carbon plate


Wow, those are strange to say the least. I’m guessing top one is the final product and bottom is a prototype?

They look like they’d be great for a road mile and… a road mile


I could see them being useful in a track 10k, as well. But you’re right - they seem to be a very niche model.