Promo/Unreleased/Rare/Custom Spikes Thread v2.0


both the last 2 pics are the peg 35 (36?) trail



they’re really running off with this Big Stack Height concept aren’t they


There should be more lettering and should read: 299 792 458 m / s which is the Speed of Light


Mo Farrah’s singlet for the London Marathon. Red with the split flower patten on the one side and four stars (representing his Olympic Golds) under the swoosh.


Where have you seen this? Somewhere in London perhaps?



Niketown London


I am wondering whether the material is similar to the newly aeroswift singlet:


Same material and cut, just a bigger swoosh on Mo’s.


BIG fan of how Nike has used the Stars on the singlet similar to how Football Clubs and national teams use to represent world cup wins and so forth


from Sam Parsons on Instagram. It is of a BTC Elite runner who we’ve seen before test out new products. You can see that those flaps are coming from the midsole. Reminds me of the Kipchoge issue with the insoles but this seems worse…


i think there’s some sort of tape they put over the midsole as camouflage


Probably right! :+1:


Anyone know what shorts the Nike pros wore today? Given that runningwarehouse put up singlets with the same material/cut as the pros I was hoping they or someone had done the same with shorts (and perhaps half tights?). Wondering if it could be these (Nike Men's Core Dry Fast 2" Short or Nike Men's Summer Dry Fast 2" Short) as the perforated material looks similar to the singlet.


Not sold that either are the same cut. Shorts are likely similar to what they’ve been handing out since 2012, and the singlets probably are something like these^^^^^

On another note, looking at those links you sent – I can tell where the design inspiration came from. I’m imagining the design team at Nike flipping through a powerpoint of BOA 1" split shorts, pounding their fists on the table, and furiously scribbling down designs to take down their monopoly on the affordable scholastic summer running shorts market.

As much as I love my 10 pairs of 1" shorts, I don’t love their extreme inner-thigh chafing and their ability to hold sweat like a sponge, and the Nike shorts look worth the 10 bucks extra. But man, nothing beats running through town with the squad shirtless, knowing your shorts are 1 inch shorter than what the guys on the other side of the road are wearing.


Appreciate the response! You look to be right, although perhaps Mo’s singlet as shown in the picture above is just a different cut from the regular pro singlets? His/the runningwarehouse one both seem to have rounded off necklines as opposed to the square ones seen on the NN guys above and the Nike pros yesterday.

In any case, I’d kill for Nike to sell pro-cut/pro-grade shorts to the average joe. If I redshirt any of my future seasons or compete post-collegiate I’d love to use them. Unfortunately the only place to find those shorts seems to be ebay, where they sit for $150-$250.


Direct dropbox link.

Here is a tasty, tasty morsel for everyone courtesy of @harrymattison on Instagram. HQ photo of the Saucony prototype and a new adidas flat. Looks like an adizero sub2-type silhouette using regular boost instead of boost light. Closest look we’ve got at the Saucony flat so far, and in a Dunkin’ colorway to boot. Now we know it uses Everun, an interesting choice considering how heavy TPU foam is.


devils advocate… what if its not normal TPU?


I wouldn’t be surprised!