Promo/Unreleased/Rare/Custom Spikes Thread v2.0


I really wish more companies would make wider toe boxes for their spikes, and to be honest, if sketchers brought these spikes to market i would race in them, despite running for a Nike School.


they’re 2.8 oz for size 9. lightest mid D spikes ever produced. would say it’d be a good pickup


as someone who misses the principle of the LT 2, a light/responsive, grippy, durable, cushioned, and affordable do-it-all flat… the existence of this 80-dollar flat gives me hope. a little heavy but looks like it has the cushion to justify it. has anyone tried? i just found out about these today.


Hey Man-

I actually was the developer and PM on this shoe.
Its a great shoe, made around the idea of texas and california xc seasons. All of our pros at adidas love the shoe. Its exactly what you said, a great 80$ flat that can be great for fartleks to longer tempos and races.


Is this shoe out yet?


yes, it came out in january. came out in japan and europe only. You can find it on Rakuten in japan


dude, love it. will snag a pair if i can for this summer.


looks like the ASICS Sortie line is making a US market appearance


Welcome back, @TigardRunner .:muscle:t2:


Mo Farah custom Matumbos and OG Vics:



Thanks heaps to my cousin and @historicrunning for making this possible!



I just put together what you have there… that’s like owning a pair of Kipchoge’s trainers… that is an insanely cool pickup!


@TigardRunner is there anything significant to this number? It’s taken from the inside of my (I assume stock) Adidas MD’s from 2016.


speed of light man! check the other insole


nope, nothing thats super significant. just internal jargon




OSU/LSU Ed Pegasus 36
Peg Turbo 2
Peg 36 shield


History: Is the 2nd from last picture a trail shoe? Looks like the new colorway of the wildhorse and terra kiger


Man I hope the 36 fits different than the 35. I really wanted to get into the 35 but no size would fit