Promo/Unreleased/Rare/Custom Spikes Thread v2.0


Not zoom X…


Heard this as well. Apparently there’s some controversy because an IAAF rule states that the shoes athletes wear must be available to the general public in the interest of good sportsmanship and at this point Nike has been testing this “prototype” for well over a year with no release date in sight. I personally really hope it gets released. It kind of does suck that so many Nike pros run in stuff that will never be available to us :frowning:


I know there is almost no crossover BUT this is similar to the old NASCAR rule.

NASCAR said the manufacturer must make a certain number of production models to race it.

I also hear the IAAF is mad* at Nike because everyone races in the same kit and it makes it hard to tell the difference between runners. The casual fan thinks they all race for the same team.

It was even worse in 2015 when both Nike and adidas had purple kits.


Got the Metaride last Friday. It is trash. I will never run in it nor do I suggest anyone tries to. They’re using a plastic outsole to create stiffness but it doesn’t have the same spring effect. Also, yes, they’re bricks, I don’t know the exact weight but imagine a Hoka Bondi stack weight Asics typical foam, must be heavier than Nimbus


Going to be a useless post, but was at USAs tonight and saw some of the Brooks guys wearing something interesting. Looked like a Brooks version of the Mamba V with a technicolor 1/4 plate.


Honestly not that bad. But it’s not the vaporfly. If you love ASICS and want a ASICS shoe that feels like a Hoka that’s it. Is it worth 250$ ? Probably not. But it does have a removable sock liner. Yes.


Brooks seems to make a reasonable effort to provide their pros with special spikes, as does Saucony. Adidas seems to just continue producing the same shoes for years on end in different colours.



New 5% on Farah? The shadows were such that I wasn’t able to see more with lighting the pic.


Looks like the Flyprint model, but who can tell?


I think it’s possible that you are correct.


Heia Norge! Notice the Vaporfly 4% spikes:


Muir was wearing them as well, despite the controversy following British champs


Ok Jakob was wearing regular 3rd gen Vics today, didn’t get the double.
Muir kept her secret weapon, she won the 1500 as well!
Just sayin’… :grin:


See the toe here on this seemingly new concept shoe:



Looks like lens flare highlighting a wrinkle in the toebox.

Aside from that, looks like it has the new Vaporfly/Zoom Fly upper styling with a slimmer midsole. New Zoom Elite perhaps?


Pretty confident it’s the rumored 5%.

You can see a black swoosh outline that starts over the 4th toe and then cuts back across the medial side of the shoe.


You’re probably right. The angle along with the sweeping curves make it look slimmer


Peg Turbo Shield 4% hybrid.



I can’t wait to flex on all the hype beasts with my high top turbos. But forreal kinda excited for it for winter running.


Cheserek’s Skechers spikes. Wiiiiiiide toebox