Promo/Unreleased/Rare/Custom Spikes Thread v2.0



From Emma Coburn’s Instagram story. Prototype/unreleased New Balance LD5000 w/ 100% knit upper.


And the Adidas Takumi Sen 5, 5.9 oz, 9 mm drop.

wish I was in Japan


From Quigley’s IG story. Perhaps something new? Perhaps only Fly SP?



Think those are the NXN zoom flys


non related, but I just recently purchased a Takumi sen 4 from GB for $63 US.
were on sale on top of a coupon code I found online :slight_smile:
These shoes are simply amazing, probably the best from Adidas.



would love to wear but i’m sad a good pair of LTs are out of the economy… they better feel good


check out to have shoes from Japan shipped to the U.S., rates aren’t too bad


My family in the States has made this the greatest holiday possible! I don’t even know what I can say! I know that @afv, HistoricRunning (IG), and Track_and_field_clothing_rs (IG) was the main reason! Thanks quite a lot to everyone!!! I will return to Norway with a smile.

OG Vic samples with white swoosh
Lagat custom red OG Vics
Special makeup Centrowitz mamba/Vic
Special makeup Wheating Vic Elites/ OG Vics
Streak LT samples in volt
Pro release only blue Mamba V
Nike NN pro vest
Rare Nike Trail kit



Geez! The goat!!! Awesome stuff


@GThorvald :weary: my family doesn’t even know what “a Matumbo” is. That’s truly some amazing gifts


We are a sports mad family with deep beginnings in athletics so I am lucky for that!


Hakone Ekiden Vaporfly 4%


My roommate got his hands on a pair of some old Zoom Milers that were customized for our school’s team (Georgia Tech) way back when. Mostly white with a shiny gold swoosh and have “Tech” embroidered down the heel of each one. I’ll get some pictures up later.


Here are the aforementioned spikes. My roommate isn’t a huge spike guy but knew these were special! Apparently the last custom pair we have! He’s racing in them this weekend at Vanderbilt.

It was my first time with a pair of Milers in hand and although they’re obviously a bit heavy compared to what we’re used to nowadays, I have to say they felt DURABLE. However, Tech’s Adidas gear supposedly comes in soon so he’ll probably only use 'em a few times after which they’ll be a super cool collector’s item I suppose. If I had a pair I’d be tempted to just keep 'em deadstock but spikes are meant to be worn :slight_smile:


Noah Droddy was wearing those green Saucony shoes that were spotted on Ward back in NYC at Houston on Saturday. Picture isn’t that great but it’s also the only one I saw of him.


Something new on the American, Brazier, or strange angle?



Those are the new colorway of the vic elite 2’s


Hoka has a big road flat on the way in summer/spring as an answer to VF4% cant say a whole lot more than that but look out for it. Cheaper too…