Promo/Unreleased/Rare/Custom Spikes Thread v2.0


A few immediate thoughts on these:

  1. These could be the bargain of a century. Buy a pair of these, cut the midsole in half, bam ya got two shoes worth of midsole right there.

  2. Maybe Hoka is trying to let it’s consumers walk on water? There’s an awful lot of buoyant looking foam there

  3. How the heck do you run when the heel of the shoe sticks out nearly 2 inches past your heel!?!


Thanks for the early April fools I LOLed


where’d you find these/what’s the story behind them??


I have to assume these are for extreme downhill mountain running? Something along the lines of those Swiss Alps races that Killian Jornet dominates?


I think they could be designed for races in the desert, with a lot of surface so as not to be buried in sand (same effect as snowshoes). Although in that case they should be equipped with gaiters.


Gaiters for marathon desert races like Marathon des Sables:

Nike Concept Shoes for Marathon des Sables:


Those Nikes are what I’d imagine shoes will look like 40 years from now.


The Nike Mars 5


Welp… can’t wait until next fall already. Got to try on the Vaporfly 5% … both it and the new Zoom fly have a weird upper that I swear I’ve seen on here before but can’t find the picture. Both also have the outsole that the VFE currently has. All I know is if this is what the general release is going to be, Kipchoge is going to have something absolutely wild for London



just pulling from the board, was it any of these?


Ahhh there we go, the last one. Lacing isn’t asymmetrical (at least not on the sample). Upper material is kinda like zoom fly sp


Do they “feel” different than the OG Vaporfly?



I thought so, but I also noticed a bit of a difference from the first to the flyknit, so who knows. I’ve never had the VFE on so it could just be a product of the change in lower to match that



Someone will be relieved from their job from this. The same situation passed at Nike with the Victory Elite 2/Vic3.



Probably won’t be that bad… I hope. Top pair is what I tried on a couple weeks ago. Would have been easy to grab a picture if I wasn’t worried about my Nike rep’s job


Pretty sure BAPE just took a bondi Sole and put it on an Air Force one


Are those JNCO Jeans!? Oh what a time to be alive…


yup, they did, there’s a short article about it somewhere


Blank’s spikes at club cross look like something new.