Promo/Unreleased/Rare/Custom Spikes Thread v2.0


I swear that’s a picture of the spikes I have lol. Do you still have those?


i never had a pair, just pulled the picture from the top of the thread :stuck_out_tongue: when i was looking through to see early concepts of the mamba to what was just released.


not the typical promo shoe but a bondi with a full vibram megagrip outsole is kinda a cool thing. Probably a pretty tight trail shoe.


Another look at farrells streaktumbos, yep def old streak rubber on there


Streaktumbos are appearing in international meetings currently.


From @historicrunning , for those who aren’t on IG


Custom made for Andrew Wheating. That’s his logo on the heel


Dani Jones


Looks like another color of


It sure is, those protos that were on the Portland guy. I think some other athletes had them as well.
Did someone put a picture of the bottoms at all? I can’t really scroll up


When I was at my meet in Rowan an NYU guy had them and the bottom was exactly a Matumbo sole and plate from what I saw


Here’s all the photos I have



Interesting notes on the Matumbo plate for the xc spikes. It does have removable spikes, despite being made over a year ago when the Matumbo 3 had permanent spikes. Also the spike receptacles don’t have room for the larger rubber pyramid spikes that Nike came out with. So I’m not sure if they plan to continue with them


i hope they don’t. they don’t even sell replacements, so if you lost one (which is almost inevitable on the sloppy courses they were made for) you’re SOL

edit: also boo rowan / most disgusting XC course ever devised


I saw them on an Amherst guy too back in the Spring at a meet. Had no idea what they were at the time


great looking spike


to the best of my knowledge the spike your friend has is just to test the upper, the proto of the next cross spike that i tried had a different midsole and horseshoe style plate


That makes sense. It always seemed illogical to me that Nike would put out a Matumbo with a different upper and call it a cross spike. People who just want to race XC in Matumbos already do that.


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