Promo/Unreleased/Rare/Custom Spikes Thread v2.0


Bolded your mistake. Nothing Nike charges HAS to be.


I honestly think it is to help prevent the resale of these shoes.


New Balance sends shoes to a wide range of sizes. I’m a size 12 and I’ve gotten a few pairs, granted they were late stage tests. I do have a few friends who got spikes during earlier phases and they were in the 9.5-10 area.


Where do they announce there is going to be a flyprint event? Like If they have it in New York For that marathon I’d definitely drive that for a pair of them.


I like the fact they are this much to get rib or resale and all that hypebeast bull ■■■■



Wow !!!

Where please ?


Hoka EVO Carbon Rocket


2 zoom air units in the peg 36 - I wonder if they went back to the way they did it with the 34? Also curious about the spike plate on the XC5s. If the proto from the Portland runner was recent it may be the matumbo plate!


the mockup has those lug-spikes they had on the previous victories.

if it’s the horseshoe plate, it will probably be a similar density and hardness as the xc3 plate


Just realized it looks like there are more than 4 receptacles though. Hmm…


That’s the trail version I posted. The 2 airbags are tuned individually so the one in the back is softer and the one in the front is firmer like a rock plate


I saw a couple prototypes of the spike this summer. They are really nice, very similar to the XC3 and XC2 build. The prototypes had a matumbo plate on the bottom, they were womens though. The upper was really nice and was durable yet very thin.


Portland XC. Heel spikes?


Saw a few of the NYU guys at my meet with the prototype victorys. Looked like the mamba 5 upper with some reinforcement over it and a matumbo sole and plate.


border battle?




Old wolf Henrik Ingebrigsten reppin’ some OG Rival XCs at a local uphill race a couple weeks ago


those are some thicc calves!

is this the one where Jakob collapsed?


Any info about Vaporfly 4% new colorway for NYC Marathon ?