Promo/Unreleased/Rare/Custom Spikes Thread v2.0


Mayfly prototype and Kipchoge Flyprint:



Look what Saint Nick brings this year! Mamba V 2018 pro colours:



are these the same as we get to buy now at nike ?
somehow I can’t imagine it for the price of 125$…


The blue ones are/were pro release promos only. The general release will be the weird purple color and also a white/black release.



Alright guys I had a lucky find right under my nose at a meet today. Turns out one of my teammates has these prototype Nike spikes, that her friend/teammate gave to her at a track meet last season when they were left behind at the meet. These look to me like the mystery spikes we’ve seen on Portland and Washington runners for the past few months or so.

It looks to me like a matumbo 3 with a new fancy upper, it may have been just me, but the plate seemed to feel slightly different from my matumbo 3s(however this could have been from the shoe being size 6.5)
Interesting that this says Victory XC and has summer of 2019 on the tag, is this gonna be the new Victory XC? Or is it an earlier update to the Matumbo 3s with a new upper?
Let me know what y’all think


The upper reminds me of the Zoom Fly SP. Probably more suited for XC because of the potential water/mud resistance to that material.


Dani Jones

Nuttycombe Wisconsin Invitational


Happy nike finally understands that the Matumbo is actually the best cross country spike.


Those are pretty sick. Never a huge fan of the matumbo 3. 2s and 1s just feel so good. But I’m glad it turns out they are a special prototype. I knew I wasn’t crazy when I posted that here



has anyone ever done wear testing for a shoe company? do they typically do full-size only testers or do they do half sizes?


Doing one, but I can’t confirm since I wear a 12 not a half size.


I do, I’m a size 10 so that is the sample size for the company. I’m probably not the greatest example haha


I wear 10.5 and recall having to wear 10’s when I tested for Nike


I’m a 9.5 and get wear tests for Saucony and New Balance.


depends on the company. nike wear tests size 10 for men’s and maybe size 12 sometimes. i think for women it’s like 8.5. a lot of other companies are 9-9.5 for men’s.


adidas is 9 mens 7 womens
nike is 10 mens 8 womens

cant speak to the others


Friend just picked these up in Chicago at the steep price of $700. Not sure if that’s what the others were going for in London but DAMN that’s a lot.


What did I say :grin: Also the UK price in April works around to be just over $600.


how expensive is the technology and r&d that it has to be that much money?