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just disrespectful how Kipruto threw that World Champ Mamba V away


Damn what a finish! Good reminder to us all that shoes are just superficial in the end. Addictive but superficial nonetheless :wink:


Probably happen cause they are mambas, he’s an og vic guy. Doubt he’ll ever wear anything else now


What kind of data can be collected?


heart rate (strap), cadence, pace


Did anyone watch the Eurosport feed of Zurich? The camera flashed to kipruto’s white shoe that had fallen off. It was a Mamba V with gold outline swoosh.



needle size: 3/16inch x zero inch lol


You do really good work man. Vital asset to the track talk boards


Agree x 100. We’ve got a very strong group on this section of the forum. Everyone contributes something different to make an unbeatable whole. Very little drama, and like minded people that have a similar passion.


Foot pod is called RunScribe. Measures a few metrics. Keen on learning a bit more about the HR strap. Saw Portland guys were using it an NOP too.


David Laney 's IG

Terra Kiger 6?..


Terra Kiger 5



new kiger has a react midsole and a zoom unit in the heel




At least this looks like a slightly retooled outsole as opposed to the two New Balance ones


Interesting peg turbo/VF4% shoes on Kipchoge leading up to Berlin.


University of Portland athlete


NN (Nike Netherlands) 2018.



Man white gear is so clean