Promo/Unreleased/Rare/Custom Spikes Thread v2.0


On Emma Coburn’s IG story.


there’s a catalogue of all the new NB spikes on the internet somewhere, i just flipped through it the other day.



Seems these will be the choice of Kipchoge in Berlin and Farah in Chicago?


Hopefully Rupp as well. I expect them to do a flyprint event at Chicago Marathon this year. Well more like hoping because I am running Chicago.


Stack height on the rise


Streak LT4_hybrid


Does anyone know where he got these done? Or straight from Nike?


If they aren’t direct from Nike that is the cleanest custom hybrid I’ve ever seen. Even if it is direct from Nike, nice to see they are getting better at that sort of thing. The old streaktumbos in the past have not looked THAT clean.


Messaged the guy and they are from nike :slight_smile:


looks like the splates from Susan Krumins


they are the exact same


I’m thinking straight from Nike because those are very well done and I do believe in general he prefers adidas shoes


I suppose that I can now breathe a relief. These are the limited release that I have been referring to.



i heard a rumor they might be available to nike universities :smirk:


Pick us all a pair!:man_dancing:t3::sunglasses:



Just wait until you wear the new mamba v’s! You will be astounded. Also, this colourway has to be one of the nicest I’ve seen from Nike in quite a long time.



Wait nike is releasing streak lt4 spikes


Yes, it seems they are starting to appear. I was told this by at least 3 different people; and have kept a secret until the pictures began to show. I always want to keep my promise when people share secrets with me. It is important.