Promo/Unreleased/Rare/Custom Spikes Thread v2.0


The old thread (along with Nike 2017) was locked for too many replies apparently. Time for a fresh start I suppose.

Infeld had on the VF/tumbos in the 10k, hopefully there should be a good picture somewhere


I believe @GThorvald asked about Cheptegie’s spikes in the last thread. Definitely wad the new Mamba with the OG Vic plate (not the 3/4 one that Jager had) that we saw on Chelimo’s twitter.

Edit: It was Bertebob, not GT that was asking.


HEY HAS ANYONE OWNED A PAIR OF THOSE UNDER ARMOUR BANDIT XC SPIKES. I was considering buying them but there doesn’t seem to be any reviews on them, so I just wondering if anyone had experience with them and if they would recommend them? spike or spikeless version.



We have them at the store I work. I really really want to like them, they look cool, the booty feels good, and they seem to be good flats(I race in California). But the fact of the matter is they are just too darn narrow, my foot spills over both sides but the lateral side is where the problem lies as you can feel the shoe creating an uneven bump on the outside of the foot. I’ve tried and tried to make them work, but always have the same problem. The thing is though that the upper isn’t too narrow, it’s just the platform which the foot spills over, creating a largely uncomfortable bump underneath the lateral side of the foot. So if you have a narrow foot, you could consider them, but I think the upper will feel to wide. Under Armour is getting close but they need to create a wider platform, or even just a narrower upper. I think this is a symptom of them being unisex as the platform feels b width while the upper seems more d width. Hope this helps
Note: I have only tried them within our store, not on a true xc course


Thanks for the info, is the foot spillage all the way through or just in the toe box?


and would you compare to the narrowness of the victory 2 track spike because those were pretty narrow


The foot spillage is actually all throughout the mid-foot, the toe box seems fine too me. The upper seems similar to the Vic 2 in terms of width but the platform is narrower with a much more defined edge, that creates the discomfort on the lateral side of the foot


hmmm that’s really strange


HEY, has anyone tried on or have the new victory xc 4 with the highcollar. I’m curious how it fits; if there is heal slippage and if it’s a good spike/flat in general or if the Forever 5 xc will be the better choice


rio silver medalist “light blue”


What are those ?
Found on chelimo’s instastory


it says that they are victory elites…customized


Yeah I would guess just stock elites in the “silver medalist blue” as seen above. Interesting, didn’t notice while watching that that color was an exclusive one.


I think all the medalists got a pair as Murphy sported a pair at USA’s


I hadn’t thought of this! You must be correct: all are silver medalists. The black/gold on kipyegon and Farah tell a different story. Well done.



Baylor got some custom victorys


Puma Maxcats are World Champions!


I assumed they were Mambas not Maxcats, but you are probably correct. Also looks kind of like a flyknit upper.


Net Fit upper


yes, its in the same boat as the bandit, its absurdly narrow, and I too want to love it because everything about it is awesome; however I just can’t get a comfortable fit. I would try to find them at your local running store before you buy them.