Profile on Bill Squires: Read It, Respect It, Talk About It


Find me a coach with a more consistent record with the marathon. Find me a coach who did more than Squires did with what Squires had.

You won’t, because you can’t. There isn’t a coach in American history who produced better marathoners than Squires. I don’t mean a coach with one or two good athletes, I mean the consistent success Squires enjoyed.

Bob Larsen is probably closest, with Meb and two more 2:10 marathoners (Ed Mendoza and Kirk Pfeffer) to his credit. The Hansons do well with depth, but don’t have Squires beat on the fast end, despite having a similar quality (if not slightly better) group of guys coming out of college.


i saw this a few weeks ago, and i think it’s safe to say it made the very very short list of articles from running times/runner’s world that were worth my time to read.


Squires is a legend. It’s also worth noting he coached Salazar in high school and had him train with the rest of the GBTC. Great coach.