Pre-Season ... National Individual Profiles/Ranks - Cross Country 2015


It’s all fairly arbitrary, but it is nice to see Minnesota represented…




Jaret “Bulldog” Carpenter - once he clamps his jowly jaws into the opponents calf the race is over. The boy hangs onto any pace like a slippery and slimy newt hangs onto a slippery rock in a stream bed.

Beware of the Carpfish.


[YOUTUBE=0_2Npp-euLU]Who can argue with that?[/YOUTUBE]


You seem to have some heavy bias for Wayzata, it seems, based off this and your previous quotes.


There is no bias when it comes to Jaret “Bulldog” Carpenter


100+ kids on the team a year, most of them with Pokeman or Webkinz Snapchat or whateverelse kids these days use the Internet for…one of 'em is bound to break the gag order.


Yep. There are 3 or 4 programs in the Cities that are always going to be there…it ain’t bias when they deliver the goods on a perennial basis.


Hey man, He’s a beast but you can’t count out Owen “Galen” Hoeft


What about Andrew “Super Calf” Sell? He is going to run them over with those bad boys


I couldn’t agree more. Sell shows the tenacity of multiple bulldogs, two or three probably.


And then don’t forget about Eden Priaire, and the power of Kevin “Derek” Jeter


He will never be able to hang onto the slippery and slimy newt that is Jaret “Bulldog” Carpenter


Can someone tell me who exactly calls Jaret, “Bulldog” ???


For starters, apparently TheBronzeBeet does.

FWIW :wink:


As does TheGoldenBeet


Yes, of course…my apologies for the omission.


This is like saying the ECB has “some heavy bias” towards Greek bonds. The big dog who runs the show doesn’t place bets with bad odds. I only pick winners.


Doc! My thyroid is about to bust!


Don’t forget about Hamza “Kipchoge” Ali! He will be able to run you all to the point your gallbladder explodes!

(I know his didn’t explode).


It’s most important to not leave out Lucas The Bearded Dragon Trapp.