Poll: D1 Individual favorite?


Choose who the pre-season favorite should be. Tell us why. Poll consists of top returnees from 1600m track, 3200m track and 5k* xc.

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  •   Alec Basten, Green Bay Southwest
  •   Finn Gessner, Madison La Follette
  •   Nicholas Rink, Kimberly
  •    Gus Newcomb, Middleton
  •   Perrin Hagge, Middleton
  •   Tanner Wagner Ashwaubenon
  •  Other

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*Denotes common vernacular. In cross country and on the roads you run the 5k. On the track, you compete in the the 5000 meters.


Gessner is the top returner, and remains the favorite until someone proves otherwise.


It’s really hard to put an exact number on Perrin Hagge. He’s never run xc but ran 9:22 solo and 15:30 on the roads. In fairness to grass surfaces let’s just call that 15:30 16-flat.

So, again, a 4:08, 9:22h solo guy that has never run xc but has a 5k pr equivalent to 16-flat in xc.

The unknown known - Hagge - has not been truly tested beyond 1600m.