Pole Vault Clinic March 29 at Tufts (indoor facility)


2000 Olympic Gold Medalist and VaultSafe present a Pole Vault Clinic at Tufts University’s indoor facility in Medford on Sunday, March 29, from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The clinic is an educational outreach primarily for youth (age 13 through 18) who are novice, new, and first time vaulters, presenting drills, gymnastics, and technical advice. More experience vaulters welcome, but the focus is on the basics.
Registration is limited to ensure adequate time with instructors and on the runways.

A “Friends Fly Free” program offers friends who have never tried vaulting to accompany a paid experienced vaulter and learn the fundamentals to explore the event at no cost.

As the VaultSafe clinic will likely have a number of attendees whose schools may not have the vault or not have adequate practice facilities, contacts for local USATF clubs that have pole vault practices will be available.

The day will include parent workshops to present safety and support guidelines, as well as sessions for coaches; there is no fees for parents and coaches.

Find more information and sign up at www.vaultsafe.org/