Playground Sheep Season 1 Week 6


Figured I’d start this earlier to try to get more entries than last week.

This is the 6th installment of 8 weeks that will make up the season. The rules and scoring are the same: try to guess the most common answer/try to guess what other people will put/try to guess what other people will think you’ll put/etc.

Rules and Scoring

eh000 still killing it.


If you have missed any weeks or all the weeks, you can still enter the game

The category for this week will be WORDS/LANGUAGE.


  1. A word 3 or more letters long that begins and ends with the same letter.
  2. A consonant.
  3. An adverb.
  4. A letter in “Dyestat”.
  5. A language spoken in Europe.
  6. A word that is 7 letters long.
  7. A word that starts with “re”
  8. A word that starts with “de”
  9. A word that starts with “sub”
  10. A word that ends with “ion”
  11. A word that ends with “less”
  12. A word that ends with “ful”

You’re allowed to do research for the specific questions. Please don’t discuss the answers in the thread. As usual, PM me your answers in an unnumbered list. They are due by Sunday @ 7PM EST.

An unnumbered list example:

new york
lake michigan


f this s


:eek: There are a few of these where I’d be surprised if they end up being worth more than 5 points.



Best week yet.

Since I’m out of the running for champion, I might just try to ace them all with super awesome Scrabble words.
But probably not.


Question 7 will certainly be an ace for me, and I’ll probly have two others as well


submitted, hoping to move into top 4


possibly my worst week so far


Question 1 is worded really poorly. If you want a palindrome word, just say so, but a word that begins and ends with the same letter is not necessarily a palindrome. Palindromes read the same forward and backwards. Using your first rule, the only guaranteed palindromes would be 3 letter words.

EDIT: it is now fixed


low scores will be low


Which is why he asked for 3 letter word palindromes?

Edit: stogs corrected me.


3 or more


The way it’s worded now, if it’s a word longer than 3 letters it doesn’t necessarily have to be a palindrome.


thru week 5:


Sons a ■■■■■.




So I’m a little worried here. Not sure I can guarantee finishing in the top half this week. :eek:

I’m almost yearning for okko’s “cumulative points” scoring, since at least that way this week wouldn’t count for much. :smiley:


you’re already in 4th…

seems to me you’ve still got more cushion with the xc scoring. regardless, to lose your lead you would have to completely bomb two of the last three weeks, or finish in the bottom half for all three. you’re in an incredibly good position, especially now that penultimate step has fallen back. he seemed to be your most consistent challenger until he missed week 5.

on a related note, will the points for the final week be weighted in any way, seeing as it’s the grand finale and has 8 extra questions?


oh haha you’re right okko I am in 4th, being in row 5 confused me I guess


yeah, you are set for this season eh. but i will be back!!! i got too caught up in packing to go off to school this past weekend that i just forgot, oops.