Play me in words with friends


What’s your username? I’ll paypal you $10 if you win.


I play on fb. You don’t need to paypal me any money for my victory.

edit: my username is apparently xcworldchamp, I think - see if that works


purplejesus. Get at me bro


liveforlaughs76. I’ll wreck you (unless I don’t)


I would not advise this given how many people cheat at this game








you assume he isnt one of those people


If I’m not mistaken there was a thread before where everyone listed their Words With Friends User Name, but I could be wrong.


Username is terrywuzhere. Come at me bro, I play for keeps (and funzies).


Defeated. 1-0 so far.


That was a good game.



edit: capspwnt



You’re correct. However, that thread no longer exists. It was created by that asshole $0.02timmy and I’m pretty sure all his threads were deleted along with his account. I am glad that prick is gone.


Stuff like this is the reason why I don’t play Scrabble online anymore.

I still play stuff like Scrabble Cubes on WorldWinner for money, but I assume that everyone is cheating in normal Scrabble these days. Sucks.


Username is Picc5455 but I doubt I’ll even play anyone. I’m addicted to Hangin With Friends right now. Less cheating in that game.


Why was ****** not an acceptable move?