Am I the only one who thinks this is the worst fad ever?

To answer my own question, no. It really seems like the only people who find it funny/amusing I already dislike.


Planking is so last week. Owling is the new “in” thing. And coning.


I haven’t seen much of it other than on facebook, but it generally ignites a passionate desire to curbstomp people from somewhere deep inside me.


cone-ing is the best out of all of them.


Good one from my niece.



dude, just looked up cone-ing on google. That **** is EPIC


Girl from Napoleon Dynamite.

But anyway, I want to bring a spoon and eat it out of the employee’s hand. I just don’t wanna call it spooning since that’s already a term.


rule #1

never post a picture of a family member (especially a young female one) on tracktalk


That is a good one.

I read about people doing this in the UK (on the daily mail) months ago… all I can think of when I see it all over twitter from athletes and such is n00bs :rolleyes:


Use a spork.

Sporking would be epic.




planking is so dumb

i love cone-ing… not sure why, but i always laugh at the videos.


Australians Are ****ing Awesome.




wait so do you pay for those cones before you mess them up? if so it’s a waste of money lol, but i must say i was laughing hard when you were rubbing it on your nipples adam


we called it perching when I was in college back in the early 80s! My frat nickname was Perch!


Meh it’s only a dollar for the lulz




i think its actually pretty funny. better than the “swag” fad imo


I picture the guys from flotrack cone-ing. That is the stupidest sh!t I have seen in my life. Who the f*ck wastes ice cream?