Pics of Where You Run


Bringing back an old DyeStat thread. Post pics of where you run.

Rockefeller Park:


this one is my favorite trail


At Home:
DuPage River/Knoch Knolls Park

Greene Valley Forest Preserve

At School:
Wiouwash Trail (although we don’t go there nearly enough)

Unfortunately no good trails in town so we mostly run on streets/sidewalks, especially in the winter. This is part of the route where I do a lot of my runs, near Pierce/Lutz parks.


Great thread. I’ll post pics later. Although, it will be “Pics of where you snowshoe/xc ski” this time of the year.


pic dump starts now:
pirates cove just south of muir beach:

matt davis trail:

matt davis again:

muir woods:

dipsea trail towards stinson beach:

coastal trail at the southern tip of the headlands:

phoenix lake:

lake lagunitas:

sun trail:

owl trail:

view from the top of mt tamalpais:


Awesome pics afv, have you ever run the Dipsea race?




When I’m on campus: Bonelli Park and Marshall Canyon

When I’m at home: Claremont Colleges

I wish I had a big trail system by me like you guys do. We have one but it’s just filled with steep hills. Not really something to run every day.


Monastery in Cumberland, RI



Harbison State Forest

Winthrop Lake

McAlpine Creek Park

Ye old dirt road

And two favorites from abroad:




Mcalpine Creek Park

Anne Springs Close Greenway

Greenbury Point

Sandy Point Park


Curt Gowdy State Park- Rated best Mtn Bike Trails on the front range. Having a hard time finding any pics that really show this though. 15 minutes away.

Turtle Rock trail, etc at Vedauwoo (Ve-da-voo) 15 minutes away

Snowy Range 9000-12000, 30 minutes away.

Happy Jack Recreation area, 8 minutes away. This one has less tourist appeal and therefore even less pictures.

I need to get out and take some of my own pictures for this thread.



yeah i’ve done it 9 of the past 10 years. finished in the top 5 the past 4 years. i’ve run the double dipsea 3 times as well. both of them are a ton of fun but the single (original) dipsea is impossible to get into due to their snail mail application system.

how did you hear about it?


At home:

St. Tammany Trace:

At school:

Old Tunica Road, for long runs:

University lakes for every other run:


The Twin Lakes Trails back home.
Where Iona also runs.


Swan Creek Metro Park

Wildwood Preserve Metro Park

Sidecut Metro Park

Oak Openings Metro Park

Sylvan Prairie Park

Harroun Community Park

Quarry Ridge Bike Trail


NSFW if you want to be productive.


I would post… but I realized that no one wants to see photos of Worcester.