Phrisbees Freudian Slip?


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I like how the newest member’s name is LeBron James.

The above quoted in bold-italic is what Surkey, not Phrisbee posted shortly before his, Surkeys banning?, more like a time out.
So apparently Phrisbee was so giddily proud of his multis banning he let the Cat-Out-Of The-Bag with this “Freudian Slip.”



Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde


Coach Sandusky

Why do people who if they are in their RIGHT MIND feel the need to have multiple accounts? I’ve never had nor wanted one. Were posters who possess more than one account abused as a child and have emotional issues? Or are they Developmentally Handicapped? I’m curious to learn more about this seemingly abnormal phenomenon. Can anyone help to shed light on this? I really don’t want to jump to dellusions about fellow posters but it would be nice to know who I’m interacting with in cyber space.


I find this thread offensive sir.


Are you calling me a skurey? Them’s fightin’ words.



We can Gobble 'Til "Ya Wobble.


thats some hot tongue action right there, do you know where i can get this on a calender?