Phelps' quest for a FIFTH Olympics - vows not to drink until after Rio


In its own context I think this is inspirational. Phelps is making a FIFTH run at the Olympics.

Michael Phelps is a superhuman in the water but has a plagued reputation in the eyes of main stream media for his party days.

There was the booze:

And then the weed:

I would argue he should be known 6 times more as an athletic perfection than his few days as an unlucky frat boy.

I’m glad he’s going for Rio.


May his dreams of the future be better than the history of his past.

It took a friend well over a dozen of tries over a good number years to get her 30 day chip. . . she will get her 20 year chip with-in the month.


pretty sure the more time that passes the more people will remember his medals and forget the “controversy” of a young white male smoking marijuana.


Wouldn’t this be Phelps’ 5th Olympic team?


Yep. Totally miscounted and changed title.