Perham boys XC Ranked in the Nation


It is going to be am exciting Class A cross country season, according to in D2 schools Perham is ranked 2nd with St.Cloud 3rd. Im looking forward to see these two teams battle it out! your thoughts?


Here is the site!rankings/vstc26=division-ii-boys


Perham picks up Keeghan Hurley while losing no one. My prediction is they take they cake with ease.


D1 schools Stillwater is ranked 11th.


not quite sure how they are not higher…I think they will be top 5 in the nation by the end of the year.


We should get xc predictions going.


Nothing is easy. St. Cloud Cathedral returns a formidable squad. Perham led by 77 at the mile at state meet last year, yet Cathedral chipped back to win by 1. Hurley will obviously make a big difference, but Cathedral has a pair of frosh that could make things interesting. Perham is certainly favored. Cathedral is a close second. Waseca’s varsity junior high team is getting older and stronger and could get big improvements from Delgado and younger Streich. Interesting season in store for Class A boys.


Looking at last years results, Speicher is returning 5th, Beseman 13th, Carignan 18th, and Cullen 22nd. You put Hurley in there and he is up with Speicher competing for a top 3 finish. St. Cloud is only losing one but I don’t think they can make the spot up. My prediction Perham 1st and it will be a toss up between Waseca Minnehaha and St. Cloud for 2nd.


I very much agree! I also think we should get a thread going with cross predictions.


Try this…