Penn Results


Northport 2nd in the DMR, 10:05.x (3:03, 49.8, 1:55.8, 4:16.x). Nasty. Rush Henrietta was 5th in 10:08, didn’t get splits but must’ve been a hot anchor leg by Burke.

Jay Navin 4:13.01 for 5th in the Mile. Saratoga made the finals of the 4x8 without him.

Stephen Shine took 2nd in the 3K, 8:25.x… almost kicked home for the win.


Wow, those are all incredible runs. Stephen Shine has been improving so much this year.


Rush-Henrietta split were:
Brennan Root (3:07.0), Josh Wray (49.9), Pat Shenal (1:57.1), Mickey Burke (4:15.0)


That’s a really solid DMR - no weak links, and a strong anchor.

Makes me wish there was a DMR at the state meet. It’d be great to see Northport, RH, Arlington, Saratoga, Warwick, FM, Chaminade, etc all load up teams and slug it out.


Our girls team did phenomenal (just need to improve that lead-off leg)

Mamaroneck: 9:07.91
Leonie Rauls (2:23.2)
Shari Rauls (2:14.5)
Lauren Chapey (2:16.8)
Katie DeVore (2:13.4)


That’s outstanding! And thats a real young team too, right?
How’d you do today?


All freshmen yeah (the slowest one is actually a junior).

This is at Mamaroneck Relays, NOT PENN
I split a 4:33 (very poorly though 65 69 72 67) for a 1600 in our 4x1600m relay, which got a new school record today! I personally can definitely do much better though. The 4:33 was a solo effort, so I had no one to run against. Put me in an open race with some fast competition (maybe Kevin :wink: ) and I think I could do much better.

I also ran another 1600 and an 800 in other relays to win those, but the times weren’t great (not that it mattered since I was running for place).


4:33 is solid enough without someone pushing you. And I know you’ve got better than that in ya. Congrats on the record. I’d probably have been at Mamaroneck (my alma mater) if I didnt have to work today. Kevin was sick all week so we didnt even know if he was running today or not. He ended up going to Monticello and hit a 9:47 for 2nd in the 3200.
You guys probably meet up in two weeks at Loucks.


I’m still undecided about 3200 or mile at Loucks… Probably going for mile.


We’ll definitely be there Thursday for the Fr/So DMR then either Friday or Saturday for whichever mile race his seed time puts him in.


I just wanna give shout-outs to this group of guys (other than Mickey, cause he’s always been a high-profile guy). 2 years ago, Brennan, Josh, and Pat were JV guys with no indication of these kinds of times. Brennan still hasn’t broken 2:00 or 4:20, so this was a HUGE leg by him! I’m just really proud of the way these guys stepped up, we graduated our entire DMR last year and they throw down a 10:08 with a whole new set of guys!

Also, big-time props to Northport for putting together a sick race on all 4 legs! I’ve been a huge believer in the talent of this team for a while, and it’s great to see them finally achieve something awesome like this. Congrats guys!


Mickey wasn’t on your DMR last year?


No, it was Colby Burke (1200), Petey Behnk (400), Alex Raymond (800) and Andrew Sweeney (1600)


Pretty impressive depth, when a 4:20 guy can’t make your DMR. :cool:


i’ll probably be at loucks for a 4x800 or something