Penn Relays HSB 4x8


Championship of America Finals Qualifiers:

[U]Rk   Time       School (Hometown, State)                     H# (Place)[/U]
 1   7:47.08    Chaminade  (Mineola, NY)                     305 (1)
 2   7:47.09    Westfield  (Chantilly, VA)                   305 (2)
 3   7:47.85    Pleasantville  (Pleasantville, NJ)           304 (1)
 4   7:47.94    Bensalem  (Bensalem, PA)                     304 (2)
 5   7:53.25    Warwick Valley  (Warwick, NY)                305 (3)
 6   7:53.42    Syosset  (Syosset, NY)                       305 (4)
 7   7:54.23    Saratoga Springs  (Saratoga Springs, NY)     304 (3)
 8   7:54.42    St. John the Baptist  (West Islip, NY)       305 (5)
 9   7:54.82    Cumberland Valley  (Mechanicsburg, PA)       304 (4)
10   7:54.93    Western Branch  (Chesapeake, VA)             304 (5)
11   7:55.13    McQuaid Jesuit  (Rochester, NY)              302 (1)
12   7:55.43    West Springfield  (Springfield, VA)          304 (6)

Top 20 splits in qualifying heats:

[U]Rk  Split    Athlete                  School                         State[/U]
 1  1:50.5   Issac Clark              Pleasantville                  NJ
 2  1:51.0   Jacob Clark              Pleasantville                  NJ
 3  1:52.5   Sean Kelly               Chaminade                      NY
 4  1:52.9   Nathan Kiley             Westfield                      VA
 5  1:52.9   Kyle Francis             Bensalem                       PA
 6  1:54.5   Tyson Robinson           Western Branch                 VA
 7  1:55.5   Alec Kunzweiler          Cumberland Valley              PA
 8  1:55.7   Brad Rivera              Bensalem                       PA
 9  1:55.8   MIchael Wilkens          Syosset                        NY
10  1:55.9   John Lewis               Cheltenham                     PA
11  1:56.0   John Amann               West Springfield               VA
12  1:56.1   Gunnar Nolan             Chaminade                      NY
13  1:56.2   Brad Johnson             Brookfield East                WI
14  1:56.2   Alex Coburn              Cumberland Valley              PA
15  1:56.4   Evan Quinones            Saratoga Springs               NY
16  1:56.6   Nathan Howe              McQuaid Jesuit                 NY
17  1:57.0   Jeremy Schneider         St. John the Baptist           NY
18  1:57.1   Armand Cox-Finn          Bensalem                       PA
19  1:57.1   Paolo Fiore              St. John the Baptist           NY
20  1:57.3   Maxwell Chambers         Westfield                      VA


I do not know where those are from, those splits, but they do not seem accurate

Faster Clark was reported at 1:50.9, I had him at 1:50.8

Other one was reported at 1:53.4 which seemed about right

My mistake, I guess, That’s what they said during the race

Joe L has them at marks you posted from their site I guess?


Saratoga qualified without their best guy (Navin), who is entered in the Mile later this PM. He figures to be good for 1:53 or thereabouts, assuming they sub him in for the finals.


IK also thought Travis Ellis may have run 1:56.x I guess not


Warwick Q’s without a 1:57.x guy and a 1:55.x guy both injured, amazing

also without a guy running 1:57.3 or faster? That is hard to do


I did get them from the Penn Relays site. Didn’t just draw them from thin air.

It’s a good thing you’re here king otherwise I’d have no one to really second guess everything I post. :rolleyes: Sorry, I had to. Take it lightly :slight_smile:

I’m kind of a data freak, King. When I am not deleting your posts I like to play with data. I often hone my regex and excel skills to quickly parse data. I write programs to go into the internet and retrieve large quantities of data. Sometimes I extract metadata from that data. In my spare time, I just stare at data…FO FUN.


There have been a few problems with the Penn site. My sister ran in the small schools 4x800 yesterday and every one her and her teammates’ times were switched around.


It is a lot of work to keep tabs on that many people but also a nice feature for the track fodder.


I dunno how Penn handles relay ordering, but usually an out-of-order problem happens because either a coach swaps people around at the last minute, or enters an incorrect order on the relay card (or whatever system Penn uses).


The splits on the Penn Relays site are accurate. They are largely auto times backed up by hand times to ensure that teams have not become confused. In the case of Pleasantville my hand times (I’m on the split crew) agreed with the auto times to the tenth. I am correcting the times that appear on the system where necessary.

If the names are mixed up it is entirely the fault of the team for not submitting a card with the correct names and order. We are correcting names and times as we go.


Thanks king. Splits are off. We had a 1:54.7 on 2nd leg. Also monroe woodbury had a 1:54.3 on 2nd leg both missing there.


Yes, we got no auto splits for that race and did not have enough split timers.


Pleasantville’s Clark brothers both sub-1:50. That’s really great. Gotta believe those other two can trim down a ways in these last 6 weeks. That could really be a special group.


Agree, if arias can get to 155-156 and Radcliffe to 159-200 somehow it will be a top top group of all time

Won’t be shocked if the Clark’s go 148 scratch at nj moc


What does it take for top-10 AT now? 7:34 or so?


Having trouble finding the list but I think it’s in that range, record is 7:28

This crew would need to go 147, 148, 155, 158 ish to make it…tough to see that happening but 7:34 is certainly within them


#10 time is 7:34.1. # performer is 7:34.45 (Poly has 2 times on the performance list from 2011).

Boys and Jackson’s performances from 1966 are still on the top 10 lists.


Thanks! I think top 10 is a great goal for this group, if arias and narinensingh drop a few seconds by June though lookout… Joe what is the state nj record in the open 800? Clark’s might be able to push each other enough


It’s a tough one - 1:48.44, John Marshall, 1980.

Doing some pushing too is that kid from up north Jersey, Ben Malone who looked pretty fit with his 4:05.59. I figure that to be good for a 1:49-low right now and its still early for us as you know.


And Marshall was a Junior when he ran that 1:48.44 for Plainfield.