Penn Relays: Girls 1 Mile Run - Mary Cain!


Congratulations to sophomore sensation Mary Cain of New York with a dominant win in the Girls 1 Mile run at the Penn Relays.

Results Girls 1 Mile Run:


Sorry I didn’t this was being discussed in the Reuben Frank thread.


She went 2:25-2:14. incredible race.


splits I heard were: 71/74 -2;25
72/62!!!:eek: 2:14 she just exploded, boom, dusted the pack:cool:


Sounds like she completely dominated a nationally ranked field. Amazing she is a sophomore.

Is there a video of this race?


rarely, rarely do you ever see a female runner split that negatively like that

For those who do not think you run Prs with big negatives… not sure what to tell you.

With a 62 last 440 it also indicates she can go a bit faster than this for sure


I thought this thread would get a bit of attention since there was a lively debate on an indoor track thread about who would win the mile in a race between Ajee Wilson or Mary Cain… head to head. What girl closes in 62? Sick.


Actually it hardly ever happens, just shows what kind of horror show talent this young lady has