Penn Relays 4 x 8s


Pleasantville qualifies at third overall

Clarks, 1:53.4 and I had 1:50.8 off video, they announced 1:50.9


It seems unusual to have NO Jamaican teams in the final this year. :eek:


I’ve already tried to go back as far as I could with what results are available online. I can tell you atleast 1 Jamaican boys team have made the final every year since 2007. Doing the best I can to find out the actual answer


I’ve found finals results going back to 2001 now and they were in every final till then. Searching for 2000-back


cannot find results for '97 - 2000. I do know that a Jamaican team won every year from '86 - '96 according to Tim Fulton in this article

So if someone finds (or knows) that a jamacian team was in the final from '97 to '00 then that puts it back to atleast ‘86 since they won every year from 86’ to '96


I just entered the official splits:

Dagoberto Arias (2:01.3), Issac Clark (1:50.5), Radcliffe Narinensingh (2:05.1), Jacob Clark (1:51.0)


Joe? Really? I could actually hear you in the backround I think, when races were going on?

I thought folks said One Clark ran 1:53.4? and other 1:50.9, I had 1:50.8 from web cast


Columbia girls come from 60 meters behind to give the NJ the first Girls COA since 1983! “Baconator” splits 2:09.90 on anchor

Edited to add full story here including this :eek:

"Olivia Baker was staring at a deficit of six seconds and around 75 meters"


No, the guy who was splitting them “one fifty three” meaning 1:50.3 (which is wrong) to the announcer and the announcer thought he meant 1:53. No idea where the .4 came from.

You didn’t hear me; I’m two rows down from the announcer.

1:50.5 and 1:51.0 are correct. They are auto splits which were verified by hand times (mine) that agreed to the tenth.


tremendous job by columbia girls. when will they get people to film these races who are actually watching the races? we saw nothing of baker’s last lap until the last 50 yards. do they have zoom in and zoom out on their cameras??? really hard to believe they can’t do better than that. they have been doing this for several years. don’t they have a film department at penn?


1:55.2 800
3:00.8 1200
4:05.9 1600

Had about 100 meters to make-up


continues though to show very little discipline 54 155 3:01, how is he going to finish off that, I am surpised they put him in DMRs so much with 3:15-3:18 lead offs, it just contributes to him continuing to not go out in 2:00, which will reach most guys, not today, and run 4-5 secs faster on relay splits, if he runs 4:01 they get , well not that much better,

I did not think they would run him with a 3:18 and a 2:02, I mean you are 16 seconds back at his hand off? It is nice to get other kids involved, I get that, but the fractions he runs are wild.

Malone a big PR in 4:05.59, ran into a tough nut today

well under PR record and it is only April


mcgorty really pushed the third quarter and malone let him get too far ahead. very gutsy race for mcgorty going wire to wire. malone ran a nice race but just had too much to make up on a really tough mcgorty.



He got up to 5th with a lap to go, then got lit up by a few guys over the last lap. Never did make contact with the lead pack of four; too much to do even for him. It’s pretty remarkable how well he IS able to hold on after that opening 400, which is front-loaded as well.

McGorty is a tough kid. With 150 to go, I was sure that Malone had him. But not so.


Eva, I agree yet again.

Also I have seen at least 5 Ches results where is he out in under 2 flat and run 4:04=4:07 it is nuts

I now believe as a fun fact , NO HS’er in History has run under 4:10 for 1600M legs than he, maybe Alan Webb? Not sure he ran as many DMRs

Or 800M relay legs under 1:52.00, he just ran 1:49.4 again this past weekend on multiple watches, plus would have split 48.8 if not having to hand off behind him.


3/4 splits Mc Gorty just under 3:05, Ben Malone 3:09.1 just too much room


Yeah, I can’t imagine anybody who’s gone sub-4:10 more. Forys ran a bunch of them… but I don’t think his coach was anywhere as willing to throw him out there with sub-par talent as Edward’s seems to be.


Forys ran 4 times between 4:04 and 4:05 in DMRs as well as one 4:07 at the East Coast Relays in 4 x 1600. He also never went out under 2:00 in any 1600 ever. He did come back under 2:00, though.


well to be fair, and Forys was a very well coached runner, not that Ches is not, altho after at least ten efforts this way?

The best way to go fast is to go negative , look at his(Forys) two mile HS Pr 2:02 approx, last half in a gut wrencher


According to Jim Lamberts blog he was 22 seconds down at the handoff