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1 St. Benedict’s Prep (Newark, NJ) 10:07.76 Darien Edwards (3:09.1), Naija Omari (48.7), Kalonji Foster (2:03.7), Edward Cheserek (4:06.2)

2 Christian Brothers (NJ) (Lincroft, NJ) 10:08.96 Tim Gorman (3:06.2), Theo Foster (49.0), Clark Mangini (1:56.2), George Kelly (4:17.5)

3 La Salle College (Wyndmoor, PA) 10:10.76 Andrew Stone (3:05.3), Mike DeCandido (50.8), Jack Magee (2:02.5), Tom Coyle (4:12.1) Q

4 Arlington (LaGrangeville, NY) 10:13.37 Eddie Merenda (3:07.9), Josh Wright (53.1), Chris Koenitzer (1:57.4), Sibby Manson (4:15.0) E

5 Piscataway (Piscataway, NJ) 10:13.98 Marcus Hatchett (3:08.8), Jamaal James (51.8), Lance Weaver (1:56.9), Tim Ball (4:16.5) C


Didn’t matter how far behind Cheserek was if Kelly was content to go by 800 in 2:10+


where di someone get splits from, I go to site and do not see them?

Really good/solid leg by Gorman, and by looks of things CBA had their 10 secs of room

Same thing for Piscatway, if Ball runs 4:10 they win

Just doing the math , not a criticism, only one other anchor ran under 4;15.00



Iron& wine, you are right 2:10 lets not only Cheserek who you know will go out on 2:00 to get to you, but a lot of others into the mix, a really good job to Hold on for second for CBA I think, altho 4:15 is a winner, I do not think Ches had too much more to give , he looked back and was flapping the arm.

4:06.2 is only.4 slower than Cabral ran in tatical college DMR winner, seriously if he is in College DMR, and runs controlled if that is possible, his 1:50.5 relay speed puts him right in that group, near the edn altho a different level

Almost all those anchors this year are better 3K guys than 800 guys, only Merber and Van Ingen have broken 1:50.00 that I know of

Chesrek can run anything he needs to catch you almost, they were way back today, he must have run 1:56-57? out today


Milesplit has this:

"St. Benedict’s Prep (NJ) did their jobs with keeping the race within 10 seconds so that when Edward Cheserek got the baton he would have a controllable gap to surmount. Cheserek got the baton 10 seconds back, went through in :57 and 2:02 through 800m before catching CBA’s George Kelly with a lap to go. On the backstretch he let the afterburners fly to close in :57 for a 4:06.2 split as the winning time was 10:07.76. Christian Brothers Academy (NJ) settled for 2nd"

So I guess that means splits for Cheserek are 57/65/67/57


well it is typical Ches, 4:06 that hard way

But I did not know he ONLY had to go to 2:02 to get near, I thought he was faster out in first 400M


Shortened video from

1600 leg starts at about 2 minute mark of video. Looks like Cheserek caught Kelly with about 200 meters to go.


Kelly getting the baton for the anchor leg

Cheserek in the background after getting the baton ~10.6 seconds later. He is in 9th place here.

Kelly after the first lap

Cheserek at the same spot ~3.5 seconds later


Cheserek is tucked in behind Kelly after the second lap.

… and remained in that position through the 3rd lap.

He moved past in the back straightaway and here is coming out of the final turn

Coming to the finish…


No, first 400 was clocked at 57.

Joe Lanzalotto


I don’t think George was “content” to go out in 2:10. Racing at Penn is an experience totally different than virtually every other meet. You do not get splits (or if you do you certainly can’t hear them) and the adrenaline rush is like no other. I think I read where the plan was to go out steady and then move in the middle as Edward got near, i.e. to not let him settle after getting out hard early to close the gap, and if so that was a great plan, and George knew at the handoff that Edward was pretty far back, so maybe he thought that whatever pace he was running was fast enough or “felt” fast enough.

But George may hve not had a good feel for how fast or slow he was going, and I’m sure he was trying to balance going out too fast with keeping it honest and then trying to build on it. Very few guys succeed in that spot, and the guy behind George may in the end turn out to be the best HS runner ever, so no shame there. Great job by St. Bens and CBA, and NJ athletes in general.


Nice article from the Asbury Park Press about the race, with some quotes from Kelly explaining how he thought the race went:

(I’m sure Lambo with have more too, after he’s filed his 10 millionth blog post from the meet.)

Tough race for Kelly and CBA, great race from St. Ben’s when the chips were down. You plan, you train, you race and what hurts the most is when you know you could’ve run better, no matter the place you finished. That’s running for you.


Morris Hills wins their 4 x 4 heat in Outdoor School Record of 3:19.65

I believe it may be the County 4 x 400M Record, altho Morritowns 3:17.x mile relay is intrinsically faster’


Morris Hills misses COA Final by three slots I believe, I think they ran 11th fastest overall


1 Kingston College (East Kingston, JAM) 3:15.67 HG 444-1
2 Munro College (St. Elizabeth, JAM) 3:16.11 FG 442-1
3 Trenton Central (Trenton, NJ) 3:16.29 GC 443-1
4 Junipero Serra (Gardena, CA) 3:17.18 FE 442-1
5 Calabar (Kingston, JAM) 3:17.64 JL 445-1
6 Manchester (Manchester, JAM) 3:17.67 JK 445-1
7 Lodge (St. John, BAR) 3:18.99 HF 444-1
8 St. Elizabeth Technical (Santa Cruz, JAM) 3:19.02 GG 443-1
9 Knightdale (Knightdale, NC) 3:19.04 JI 445-1
10 Laurel (Laurel, MD) 3:19.39 JG 445-1
11 Suitland (Forestville, MD) 3:19.54 FB 442-1
12 Morris Hills (Rockaway, NJ) 3:19.65 CC 439-1


Was closer to 2:12, by my watch. It looked like he was sitting up and waiting for Edward.

Kelly’s a great runner, don’t get me wrong… but let’s be honest, that was just an awful carry.


Paternostro 1:49.4 on Princeton 4 x 8

Liam Tansey a great third leg to get Columibia right there with his 1:49.75, his best run so far

I know it is cool, but Symmonds ran 1:44

Many kind of avg legs run at Penn today, only 1 1:47 split and it was 1:47.9

Greer only 1:49.

Loxsom only 1:49.3 after 1:50.0 yesterday?.


Yes, new Morris County 4 x 400 record. Old record was 3:20.11 set by Mount Olive at the 2008 MOC. Morristown’s mile relay record from 1973 is 3:17.3.