Alright, so after much thought I have decided to try and follow some wise advice given to me. I realize I have come across as incredibly obnoxious (not that I’m the only one here like that but whatever) and many of you do not like me. While I don’t care what your personal opinions of me are, I do wish to contribute to this site both seriously and randomly. So, I am willing to try my best to start over and show more respect to the forum and those who deserve it. I am not here to kiss ass and I will not do so for anyone, but I would like to work my way up in terms of building a good reputation for myself among you. I apologize if you feel like I’ve been incredibly rude or obnoxious towards you. As I said, I’d like to try and give myself a fresh start and I hope you will be willing to give me one as well. Sorry that this isn’t the usual silly playground thread, I just figured this would be the best place to post it.


who the **** said these things. they are wrong and suck. i like you. dont change a thing. no one likes me here either, who gives a ****. just do you


stogs is gay.

marry me?


Damn! Beat me to it… I will still always love you stogs, I just never realized it until now <3

No homo. (Joe, that’s not an insult towards gays, I’m just stating that I’m straight. Just to make sure you know.)


You’re both from New York and they have gay marriage there now! It was meant to be!



Tastes bitter^^^


suck a dick


GOD DAMN IT, NO! Stogs is mine


Apparently a lot of people like stogs.

I LIKE IKE! When I say Ike, I mean stogs. Stogs just doesn’t rhyme as well.


you have 94 posts


good ****, raise the roof


I feel like I’m makin some progress. sweeeeeeeet…


dont worry. he’s just a friend




Praise the lawd


Friends with benefits.


he’s got what you need?