Below is a one stop for team rankings, podcasts and also an honor roll launched three days ago.




Lots of potential and a good idea. However, the honor roll at this point seems to be pretty incomplete. That of course, is probably the hardest part of putting together a website that doesn’t have meets directly inputting results into like an Athletic.net.


Athletic.net is unable to input every result as well. I feel like the only way for these things to work is to support the cause and encourage them. Likewise, as it grows – if it grows – I hope they are not taken advantage of by the elders (i.e. many of the entitled coaches out there). It is nice to see new blood showing initiative.


That is a good point. I think that some states do a better job with Athletic.net than Wisconsin does. There probably isn’t a perfect system out there unless everyone buys in and makes sure results get submitted. Unfortunately, probably most coaches don’t but in the bit of extra work leading to a lot of the load going to a few dedicated compilers. That makes it hard to be perfect and results start to go through the cracks.

I’m glad there’s a new site out there though. The blog should be a lot of fun as well! Hopefully the grind doesn’t get to PB.


I am still rooting for these guys but they just aren’t taking honor roll duties seriously. No matter if you enter the data manually into a spreadsheet “horse and buggy” style as Mr Figi has described or you have advanced computing at your back the honor roll is a full-time commitment spanning mid-December to mid-June every year.

At the bottom of the pbtrackandfield honor roll it says they have “2,097” entries. To be wholly accurate this “honor roll” would need to report from a stored data set of approximately 35,000 performances that have been made already this year. Mr. Figi’s one of a kind laser vision offsets the need for all of the statistics but he is truly one of a kind and he has done this 30 years straight.

The pbtrackandfield boys need to be willing to chase around the clock and into the night to accomplish this because currently they are not generating the same buzz and excitement. I can appreciate the idea, however, and the energy that went into their taking on the task. Several years ago Mike Price and two other coaches attempted to replicate the division honor rolls that Dave Figi does for girls and they simply couldn’t keep up with him at all. All three eventually threw in the towel (July 2018 Honor Roll Section a).

July 2018 Honor Roll Section: