Payton Jordan Live Feed


Discuss here. Watching Section 1. of the 5km.

Btw- What the hell is up with the commentary? or lack thereof?

I can’t believe they were going to charge for this crap. :wink:

no 800m, mile, 2-mile splits. After someone made a move, the announcer would state that “now so in so has taken the lead” a good 45 seconds to a minute after. how does this happen at such a big meet. I’ve seen indoor meets where the commentary guys are talking every second. Certainly there were no 3 minute pauses.

edit: Just in: Abdi runs 13:35 for 5th place? maybe 4th.

I don’t mean to complain though. Glad I’m able to watch it. :smiley:


should probably get out the stopwatch for the men’s 10k if you want to know if they’re going to break it


haha, exactly. I wouldn’t be surprised if the announcer is taking a piss break while Galen is coming around for the last straightaway.

Wouldn’t be the first time he [the announcer] got up and left. Also is anyone getting any sound??


no the announcer left and turned off his mic lol

said he’ll be back with 10 to go


Could it be track & field’s very own attempt at a bad Japanese horror film?

I didn’t to see either race so I hope there will be videos of them out tomorrow.


…wat…he left for until 10 laps to go?

I really hope nobody paid for this coverage. Worst I’ve ever seen/heard.

Oh that’s great. The guy (Kevin?) just came from commentary on Mens Volleyball. Is this done by ESPN??

post stupid quotes by the commentary guys:

“Supposedly there is suppose to be an American record in the men’s 10k”
oh really? that’s a certainty? :stuck_out_tongue:

hah. so tired…must stay awake…


double post:

take from letsrun, use
to time Galens run, since they most likely won’t give splits!


Holy ■■■■. That was crazy.


That was awesome


shouldent have watched it via a fed shoulda been there in person. twas sick. plus the galen handouts are now uber lolz