Payton Jordan Invitational - 4/28


Accepted entries to the Payton Jordan Invitational at Stanford University next weekend are listed at record timing’s website:

Some of the bigger names I noticed in that 5000m after a first glance:

  9  Sam Chelanga                     OTC                         
 15  Bobby Curtis                     Hansons-Broo                
 16  Maverick Darling                 Wisconsin                   
 19  Diego Estrada                    Northern Ari               
 20  Thomas Farrell                   Oklahoma Sta      
 26  Garrett Heath                    Saucony/Auru            
 29  Dan Huling                       nike                        
 30  tom humphries                    Cannock and                 
 31  Evan Jager                       nike   
 33  Eric Jenkins                     Northeastern       
 38  Cam Levins                       nike       
 41  Hassan Mead                      OTC                         
 42  Girma Mecheso                    Oklahoma Sta                
 60  Jim Rosa                         Stanford                    
 61  Joe Rosa                         Stanford                               
 63  Jeff See                         Saucony                     
 64  John Simons                      Minnesota                   
 65  Nouredine Smail                  Adp/Sharkies                
 66  Chris Solinsky                   nike     
 68  Joe Stilin                       Unattached    
 74  Ben True                         Saucony                                 
 77  Alan Webb                        nike                        

Same with the 1500:

  4  Michael Atchoo                   Stanford                    
  9  Ben Blankenship                  OTC                         
 10  John Bolas                       Melbourne Tr                
 17  Chris Derrick                    Nike/Aurum                  
 20  Jeramy Elkaim                    Oregon                      
 27  Rob Finnerty                     Wisconsin                   
 31  Alex Hatz                        Wisconsin                   
 32  Elliott Heath                    nike                        
 33  Ryan Hill                        North Caroli                
 45  Riley Masters                    Oklahoma                    
 46  Julian Matthews                  NZL                         
 48  Craig Miller                     Melbourne Tr                
 49  Austin Mudd                      Wisconsin                   
 50  Chris O'Hare                     Unattached                  
 58  Tyler Stutzman                   Stanford                    


9 Sam Chelanga OTC
15 Bobby Curtis Hansons-Broo
20 Thomas Farrell Oklahoma Sta
31 Evan Jager nike
38 Cam Levins nike
74 Ben True Saucony

i can see those athletes getting the A standard if things break well for them.


This is essentially Solinsky’s first real test after coming back from his injury. It’ll be interesting to see whether he clears this first hurdle. Also Webb’s first race under the Schumacher plan; interesting to see whether this supposed winter of good training was actually good.


i think both of those guys have potential to be in the 1325/1330 range, but im not seeing 1315 in the cards yet.


Well I’m still unsure as to whether Solinsky is ever going to be a player on the big stage again. If I recall correctly, his hamstring was separated from where it was supposed to be connected up near his hip and it had to be screwed back into place. Sometimes you just don’t ever come back from those kind of injuries. He’s had over a year to recover, so this is his first real test back. I’m not looking for him to put up a spectacular performance in his first race back, but I’d like to see him running without any hitches and looking like his old self. If he can do that, then, over time, he can probably build his fitness back to where it once was.

I’m in the camp that thinks Webb is done and won’t rise to the heights where he once was, but he’s always going to be a name of note in my mind just because of his history. That being said, I wouldn’t be surprised if he did come back and ran to his potential again (based on talent , he’s probably capable of 12:5x). But he’s Alan Webb, the epitome of inconsistency.


i do like that solinsky seems to be taking his comeback relatively reasonably in terms of not rushing things (unlike what got him into trouble in the first place…). I refuse to predict anything with alan webb because anything from 13:00 to 14:00 as a 5k PR for this season would not surprise me.


Fair enough. If I had to pick someone from that group to win it, I’d pick Levins. True’s World XC performance was exceptional, but he’s more a 10km, grind it out kind of guy. This is also Curtis’s first major outing under the Hansons, so that’ll be interesting. The more interesting thing will be to see whether Curtis, someone who is extremely talented, can finally be prepared and ready to go at USA’s.


im going to pick tom farrell for the upset win here. Just a hunch.


I am not thoroughly convinced that Webb and Solinsky will actually start this race. Seems ambitious for both of them. Wouldn’t surprise me if they scratched, however, if they follow through it is important that we accept them as only 13:50-14:10 5000m runners.


I think True just ran a 3:40 1500 so at least he’s not a total plodder!

(not that I’m expecting anything grand from him)


Why is it too soon for Webb, has he had injuries as well?


I might have posted that before True ran that mark, or it was after and it just slipped my mind. Either way, True’s potential at 5km just rose.

I think it’s just because Webb is Webb and we can’t get our hopes up on the basis of nothing. I mean the guy hasn’t broken 3:35/13:40 in recent memory (say the last couple years), so we can’t expect him to come out of the gate and run 13:10 just because he’s got another new coach.


First fo all he is not running 13:10, never ever as an opener at least and maybe not ever

He ran 13:11 at peak of his fitness years ago

Webb has been training and not racing for a really long time now, as far as I know I have not seen any reported injuries, he should run fairly well, or it is off to another drawing board.

Solinsky as least got some runs in, with guys in a race etc. I think Webb going in cold so to speak is a bit much and expectations have to be reasonable.


Webb’s down to 140, the lightest he’s been in years. He’s had some minor injuries, but all in all, it sounds like things are going better for him than they have in quite a while. See the article I linked on my “Webb thread, 2013” on the Elite board.


Didn’t say he was running 13:10. I was explaining why Zen said we have to consider him to be a ~14:00 guy. I’m not going to try and guess what he’ll run, as we have no really reliable data points from the past year.


I’ll predict something 13:40-ish to open.


I can only assume he’ll be in some B or C heat. Hopefully he’ll at least be competitive and demonstrate some sort of kick unlike all of last year, where he was getting lit up by B and C level collegians.


Webb was rarely if ever lighter than 140, I would think at one point he may have been 138 or so,maybe, HS was a solid 145, I believe, someone would have to verify

In fact he is still listed at 145 which I bet has been unchanged weight in stats since HS, has not varied enough, all of his effective running was done at 145, that I know of?


In fact in a 3+ year span he ran PRs in all different events

6/2005 8:11 two mile
7/2005 3:48.xx mile

9/2005 13:10.xx 5K

4/2006 27:34 10K

7/2007 3:46.xx mile AR

7/28 after the mile race by one week 1:43.86 800

Ya know? After coming out as a phenom

No one in the world had that range in that period, I would think?

Not such a bad three+ years


I agree with Zat without a race under his belt anything under 13:45 would be a good start