Paying $50 for someone to answer coaching interview


For school I need to conduct an interview about how the coach of a high school team manages the dynamics of their team.

The interview contains 11 questions, and the total interview answers need to be able a page and a half long typed on Microsoft word, size 12 font. I am willing to pay someone $50 to answer this interview, with paypal.

Please post here with your email, msn, or Skype name if you’d like to do this. It needs to be completed by Thursday. Or email my email:

I will send you a document full of questions, and you can fill out the answers, and email this back to me.

Some examples of questions I will be asking are:
-How does selecting captains play a roll in managing your team cohesiveness?
-How do you maintain an appropriate athlete coach relationship?
-How do you promote team bonding?


Or please email me to do this: