Pan Am Team Roster 24 oct-29 oct


In Guadalajara Mexico

Cliff Rovelto is the men’s head coach and Angie Taylor is women’s head coach. Team managers are Manny Bautista and Kim Keenan-Kirkpatrick.

INDIANAPOLIS – Athletes with World Championships and Olympic experience, and a core group of young talent, will lead Team USA into the 2011 Pan American Games slated to be held October 24-29 in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Fourteen 2011 World Championships team members are on the 90-person Team USA roster for the Pan Am Games. The roster consists of 46 men and 44 women…

Team USA Roster – 2011 Pan American Games
Men’s Roster
100m: Monzavous “Rae” Edwards, Calesio Newman
200m: Perrison (Deun) White, Newman
400m: Michael Berry, Bryan Miller
110mH: Jeffrey Porter, Dominic Berger
400mH: Reuben Mccoy, Lee Moore
800m: Tyler Mulder, Mark Wieczorek
1500m: William Leer, AJ Acosta
3000m SC: Derek Scott, Donald Cowart
5000m: Brandon Bethke, Stephen Furst
10,000m: Ryan Vail, James Strang
20km RW: John Nunn, Michael Giuseppe Mannozzi
HT: Kibwe Johnson, Michael Mai
DT: Jarred Rome, Jason Young
JT: Sean Furey, Cyrus Hostetler
SP: Noah Bryant, Russ Winger
PV: Jeremy Scott, Nick Mossberg
HJ: Jamie Nieto, Jim Dilling
TJ: Chris Carter, Zedric Thomas
LJ: Jeremy Hicks, Randall Flimmons
Decathlon: Mark Jellison, Matthew Johnson
Marathon: Jeffrey Eggleston, Patrick Rizzo
50km RW: Ben Shorey, Dave Talcott
4x100m: Rubin Williams
4x400m: Josh Scott

Women’s Roster
100m: Kenyanna Wilson, Barbara Pierre
200m: Stephanie Durst, Leslie Cole
400m: Leslie Cole, Jessica Cousins
100mH: Virginia “Ginnie” Crawford, Nia Ali
400mH: MacKenzie Hill, Takecia Jameson
800m: Lea Wallace, Heather Kampf
1500m: Jackie Areson, Lamar Annick
3000m SC: Sara Hall, Mason Cathey
5000m: Neely Spence, Kim Conley
10000m: Anne Bersagel, Cassandra Slade
20km RW: Maria Michta, Lauren Forgue
HT: Amber Campbell, Keelin Godsey
DT: Aretha Thurmond, Gia Lewis-Smallwood
JT: Alicia DeShasier, Avione Allgood
SP: Michelle Carter, Sarah Stevens-Walker
PV: Jennifer Suhr, April Bennett
HJ: Inika Mcpherson, Deirdre Mullen
TJ: Crystal Manning, Yvette Lewis
LJ: Tori Polk, Shameka Marshall
Heptathlon: Bridgette Ingram
Marathon:LL member CAMILLE HERRON, Brett Ely
4x100m: Consuella Moore, Chastity Riggien
4x400m: Ciara Short


Mike Berry’s season is pushing on 9 months, didn’t he run indoor? I remember seeing him in the DMR I think.

Still though, he ran an AMAZING race at worlds, one that made people question why he was left off the final. If he can replicate something even remotely close to that at Pan Am’s, he’ll win easy.


Good to see Pat Rizzo (North Central Alum) on there. DIII rep


Pretty amazed to see Berry, Miller, Mulder, Leer and Acosta in there. But I guess it breaks up the training!

London here we come!


What a small world this sport is sometimes. Cliff is the current head coach at my alma mater and Manny was my grad assistant coach at the same institution nearly 25 years ago.


I wish this meet got more attention. A mini Olympics in our backyard yet it does not have the high profile you would expect from multinational athletic meet.
In the 1950’s and 60’s the Pan Am Games were a BIG DEAL, at least they were for me.

I must admit not following as closely as I could but a month ago they were very behind schedule for both support infastructure and venues.


Ironically the creation of the World Champs and then the holding it every two years pretty much destroyed Pan Ams, the World Cup and in many ways the Commonwealth Games as well.

European Champs still holds some importance in Europe since so many events now have Europeans lagging so far behind the world level.

Even the Diamond League has made the one “off” year we still have without a major championship more focused.

And still they can’t find a way to package the sport so it becomes palatable to the general public.

I still say televising meets with even more field event competition would be good but actually show the events so that the tension builds up instead of reducing them to one or two highlights.

My suggested events to focus on:

Men’s Shot
Women’s pole vault
Men’s Triple Jump

Explosiveness, athletic feats (and small costumes) and a twist on simply jumping into the sand to see how far you can go.

Sadly events that should go if you are trying to attract new viewers: anything over 1500m especially events so African dominated (and Nike sponsored) that your new fan will be confused as to whether we are a team sport of an individual one because of all the matching uniforms.

For championship events JUST SHOW EVERYTHING.


Most of the reason this meet gets no attention is because nobody shows up to Pan Ams, especially in the October between Worlds and the Olympics, especially at 1500m of elevation or whatever Guadalajara is.
The level of competition will be considerably lower than NCAAs.


Construction delay’s and ticket scalping are not the only thing to worry about in Guadalajara , body dumping in front in major tourist areas(dead kind of bodies) regular kidnapping for ransom, express kidnapping, the live fire war between drug cartels themselves as well as the govt and the rogue taxi drivers add to the fun.

The Mexican government will employ some 10,000 police officers (to include 5,000 Federal Police officers) as well as hundreds of military personnel to provide protection to the athletes and venues associated with the Pan American Games. But when one considers that the Guadalajara metropolitan area contains some 4.4 million residents, and that there will be thousands of athletes and perhaps in excess of 100,000 spectators, the number of security personnel assigned to work the games is not as large as it might appear at first glance. Nevertheless, the authorities will be able to provide good security for the athletes’ village and the venues, and on the main travel routes, though they will not be able to totally secure the entire Guadalajara metropolitan area. Places outside the security perimeters where there is little security, and therefore a greater danger of criminal activity, will remain.
When visiting Guadalajara during the games, visitors are advised to be mindful of their surroundings and maintain situational awareness at all times in public areas. Visitors should never expose valuables, including wallets, jewelry, cell phones and cash, any longer than necessary. And they should avoid traveling at night, especially into areas of Guadalajara and the surrounding area that are away from the well-established hotels and sporting venues. Visitors will be most vulnerable to criminals while in transit to and from the venues, and while out on the town before and after events. Excessive drinking is also often an invitation to disaster in a high-crime environment.
As always, visitors to Mexico should maintain good situational awareness and take common-sense precautions to reduce the chances of becoming a crime victim. Pickpockets, muggers, counterfeit ticket scalpers, and express kidnappers all will be looking for easy targets during the games, and steps need to be taken to avoid them. Mexico has a problem with corruption, especially at lower levels of their municipal police forces, and so this must be taken into account when dealing with police officers.


What the heck is an “express kidnapper”? A kidnapper who gets it done quickly???


Yup pretty much.
Troll a target rich environment,target likely person, snatch them off the street/cab etc, use the cards they carry to drain accounts, a crime of opportunity. Instead of planning on holding a well vetted target for ransom money.


Totally off the subject but I just found this from the old Dyestat, wineturtle.

and this too.


In the top shop there is no doubt about who’s keeping their eye on the prize and what the prize is!!!. Your second shop is still in my sig
thanks again.


LLer Now in the Pan Am Marathon


ESPN2 here in NYC is covering the Pan Am Games with a 2 hour slot most days(some live).

The Games have started. My title is both incorrect and misleading the Athletics portion starts 23rd with the wMarathon.

Guadalajara is one hour behind EDT 4:08 in NYC is 3:08 there


More than 100 players at the FIFA Under-17 World Cup in Mexico this summer tested positive for banned drug clenbuterol due to contaminated meat, the world governing body has revealed.

By Telegraph staff and agencies

7:12AM BST 18 Oct 2011

Fifa’s chief medical officer Jiri Dvorak revealed last night that players from 19 of the 24 squads involved, in roughly equal numbers, had shown traces of the substance after analysis of urine samples.

However, Dvorak insisted there had been no harm to the players exposed to the contaminated food in June.

On a side note my local supermarket is now selling beef labeled Product of Mexico. I avoid it.


First Athletics event Sunday
Argentina [URL=“”]MARAVIGLIA Raquel 26/10/1977
Bolivia [URL=“”]PEREIRA Vianka 22/11/1984
Brazil [URL=“”]CHAGAS Michele 15/07/1987
DA SILVA Adriana 22/07/1981
Chile [URL=“”]OLIVERA Erika Alejandra 04/01/1976
ROMERO Natalia Del Carmen 26/02/1980
Colombia [URL=“”]FERNANDEZ Yolanda 11/06/1981
Costa Rica [URL=“”]TRAÑA TRIGUEROS Gabriela 03/03/1980
Cuba [URL=“”]BELMONTE Dailin 15/10/1985
GARCIA Yailen 15/06/1980
Ecuador [URL=“”]CHACHA Rosa Alva 08/12/1982
Guatemala [URL=“”]CRUZ Dina Judith 04/01/1975
Mexico [URL=“”]APOLONIO Paula 27/04/1978
PEREZ Madai 02/02/1980
Peru [URL=“”]MISAYAURI Jemena Helen11/12/1978
TEJEDA Gladys Lucy 30/09/1985
Puerto Rico DIAZ Maria Del Pilar 12/03/1981
United States of America [URL=“”]ELY Brett Romano 22/09/1979
HERRON Jacquelyn Camille 25/12/1981
Venezuela [URL=“”]PINEDA Yolimar 14/11/1985


Can I get one of these somewhere?


Not that I know of young Mr Templar. I agree it is a great image and assuredly fodder for the cusiom tee market.,
MM was nice enough to create that image for me. A snapshot of me posting my drivel 24/7/365 on T&F message boards on a tee would sell in the millions, no tens of millions worldwide I’m sure :rolleyes: .

ESPN2 and ESPN deportes have the Games on schedule but my local provider has chosen to air Jack Link Poker
as always be sure to check your local listings

live stream-select your sport option also


9 258 [URL=“”]HERRON Jacquelyn Camille

1:17:17 (10)

1:59:16 (9)

2:42:35 (9)

2:51:29 (9)