Apparently i get free PPV here on AFN, so i will be watching this in a few hours. Was already looking forward to it and that was before i found out who is going to be calling the fight.


I predict pac man by a unanimous decision with 1 knock down in the 9th.


Heading out to a sports bar soon, will be watching it. Female coworker asked if I was watching it. I’m like, “What?”. She’s a big boxing/mma fan… as well as her boyfriend.


lame first fight, ghana guy quits on the stool after 3 rounds because he knew he couldnt win.

EDIT: kelly pavlik making his comeback after a year off during which he went to alcohol rehab. Hopefully he hasnt lost too much.


good fight so far thru 7 between pavlik and lopez. Very even and give/take.


if the match is anything like this last fight, we are in for a treat. That was a battle right there.


What a lame sports bar. They didn’t even have the White Sox playing.


so glad i didnt actually have to pay for this, mosley fought like a scared little b!tch all the way thru.


Not sure what you were expecting. Mosley is well past his prime, this was simply to make bank. Didn’t watch it but if he didn’t get knocked out that is still impressive


i knew pacquiao would destroy him, but i thought mosley would at least attempt to fight. He didnt even do that.