Pac-12...go Buffs


Called it all season, Colorado wins PAC-12.

Great showing, Bosshard comes off shelf to finish 9th.

Jeramy Elkaim is 3rd man for 3rd place Oregon, earning spot on Grote State College varsity. 20th in 23:51…moreover, AHEAD OF 23rd place Verzbicas (23:55) and Joe Rosa in 25th, 23:57.




…and on the women’s side…
The Buffs went ahead and won that, too.

Not as close as men’s race. At least women’s PAC-12 actually has 12 teams, not 9 (no men from USC, OSU or Utah).

Lanie Thompson 21st as #4 for 4th place Oregon. Top NJ woman, however, was 9th place Lara Darco (formerly Heigis of Pope John) for champion Colorado.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, there are quite a few great coaches and programs out there, and while he may not be the best fit for everybody, there is no better distance coach than Wetmore, no better program than Colorado, and that will remain true until he stops doing the coaching.

Colorado women came in ranked 16th, behind #2 U-Dub, #5 Arizona, #8 Stanford and #11 Oregon.



CU women ran great as did guys, however many of the wone’s teams cealry underperformed based on what HAD been going on.

Coach Wetmore can surely coach some Xc, No DOUBT

I would also say, I may have beem wrong about LV, he just is not near it or fit to run with any top guys, and I thought he would be.

Elkaim’s talent has been apparent for two+ years now. I did not think Joe Rosa would be 25th in this conference, ever, even though it is strong…

I actually thought he might be top 30-40 at Nats as a frosh


Better results will come for Rosa and others, big key to just stay healthy consistently enough to stay in the game. Would not rule out a very good NCAA run from Rosa. Great to see Elkaim get into the mix right away, not wait around, redshirt, etc. That said, somewhat surprised that they are using him now…no offense to him or the Ducks, but they are not winning this meet, much less NCAA’s…with or without Elkaim. Better chance for him to have a big impact when he’s 22+ than in a few weeks, but again, experience is great. Hopefully, he gets on a roll here and will have some success on the track. Healthy, running like this, put him on the track at U-Dub for some mile, 3k races, look out.

Verzbicas, tough to figure, right? I mean, based on performance (setup, cherry-picked perhaps) he should be a top tier guy immediately. Better marks than guys like Goucher or Dathan coming in. But, does he have the “It Factor” to come in right away in cross and do big things? NCAA x-c, as competitive and tough a race as there is in the US. Then again, Oregon cares about cross, but not like CU or OkState care about cross.



My thinking on this, especially with distance runners, is that it is often better to hold onto the redshirt. It seems like almost every LD guy ends up with a stress reaction, or ankle injury or SOMETHING over the course of their 4 years. If he is in great shape now, let him get the experience. When he has that stress reaction as a Junior and you are on the fence about running him or not, he gets to rest and get healthy.


The big difference between Goucher and Ritz and LV is that they were training for XC all summer.

LV was training for, and competing in, the triathlon.

There’s cross over, for sure, but in the end there is no substitute. LV could get away with it on the h.s. level, because he didn’t really need to be “in shape” until late Nov and early Dec, and then have the rest of the year to devote to the track. When you’re simply more talented than everyone else, you can do stuff like that.

But now he’s on the level where there are lots of guys who are just as capable, and quite a few guys who are more capable, and thus you can’t afford to be missing that training.

At some point LV will have to make a decision on what he’s going to do. You can’t do both on a world level. And even on a collegiate level, it might be impossible to do.


GTK 100% right on in your analysis

Right now and in years past too, XC is incredibly deep

There are tons of sub 8:00 guys and even sub 5 guys running college XC let alone 13:40’s types, 40 miles a week and some bike riding ain;t getting that done


Other big difference is goucher and dathan went to Colorado. Wetmore is 3 for3 with national champs becoming NCAA champs. Have to go to kennedyin 92 as last other guy to do this. I will bet against lv becoming NCAA xc champ. Had he gone to CU I would have wagered differently. Then again wetmore probably would have kicked him off the team for swimming or something.



Lots of very good observations on here. I think Grote is right that there may be a big NCAA race for Joe. Anybody who might be slightly off their game due to health or being just tired etc. may have trouble as there are a ton of good guys out there racing as King mentioned. I could see the NCAAs being a great opportunity for Joe to pop one, as you can run the race up front or you can back end that race a bit better than at 8k and just click off 4:40ish miles. I think Joe could click off alot of 4:45s. Way back in the day when I ran NCs Sydney Maree was out dead last at the mile at I think Lehigh (1980?) and then proceeded to pass almost the entire field to get somewhere in the top ten, maybe 7th or 8th. And didn’t Colorado run that way in their race to the NCAA wire with Stanford one year? I could see Joe being “very good at running” that way.

George’s point is well taken about committing to one sport. Biking and swimming are nice, but you need to be prepared to go out in 4:25 or so and then race another 4-5miles with the big boys and that involves a lot of hard consistent running.

I like Justin’s point about red shirting but it can clearly be argued both ways. EVERYBODY gets hurt, but if you use it early on when he/she is healthy and then the athlete gets hurt down the road, aren’t you potentially giving a year of eligibility away? I’m not 100% up on red shirting and clearly like the “a fifth year Senior is way better than a first year freshman” comment, but I would lean towards the idea of letting them get the experience early on, especially if they are healthy and contributing like Jeremy is doing. I guess its a roll of the dice.


Kevin, agreed. Different type of program, too. At an OkState or a Colorado even, unless a frosh is scoring on a conference and maybe national winner or at least strong contender, usually not worth burning the season. Oregon is not as x-c focused, obviously. Chances are that they will have a strong contending team a few out of the next 4-5 years anyway, but Jeramy will only race 4 times, and I would think is riding pretty high right now, fitting and well and ready for more. Moussa is a slightly different case, he has been squarely in their top 5 on what figures to be a pretty strong squad, albeit not a very deep one. Their 6 and 7 guys ran yesterday, though.

Buffs, like Joe Rosa, probably not most suited for that course in Tempe…hot, flat, smooth, fast, no hills. Joe over 10k at home will be interesting. Elkaim’s Ducks may well have to rely on an at-large, and did not do themselves huge favors in Madison.



Spoke with Joe yesterday after the race. He actually fell early in the race and got up in dead last. Moved ahead into the top 15-20 ahead of elkaim and LV before fading a bit over the last K. He should do well over the extra 2k


Curse of Grote? Happened to me in my first PAC-10 race, soph year though, 1993…at Stanford. Was fired up, went down on first fairway, got up and all I saw was USC guys and Arizona State. Bad news. Hammered, caught teammates after a mile (we had one stud Brit who refused to not try to beat eventual NCAA Champ Kapkory, and 6 solid dudes) and told them I was OK. Wound up fading a bit, and finished I believe 25th, together with 2 teammates. Only win ever for U-Dub men.

Two weeks later, regionals, determined not to fall went out inexplicably hard…have great photo from the side from a distance…Kapkory, our Brit, and another stud Wazzu Kenyan…then 5m…then mysorryass…then a gap, then Karl Keska from Oregon, Portland studs Pete Julian, Cal’s Richie Boulet, NCAA runner-up Gary Stolz, etc. Wound up giving up a few spots, but hung on well enough for Washington to be 2nd, get the auto to NCAA’s at Lehigh. I never ran 8:44y in high school, college, post-college, or my dreams, and in fact didn’t break 17 at Holmdel in high school, so I bet Joe Rosa has a good 10k in him.

I also suspect that like the aforementioned '93 race, the Portland Pilots will win.