OXY updates


This is just for live updates.

Schedule info and heats here: http://www.tracktalk.net/oxy-high-performance-meet-t13327.html


Winner Ashley Higgins on 9:45.83 passing Lindsay Anderson in final lap


Ben Bruce of adidas in early lead


Just passed 2000 in 6:22 … pack up front with cleaver Cabral and billy nelson


Unattached Matt Hughes formerly of Stanford in 8:27 Billy Nelson second Donald Cowart third I believe


guessing that was 5:22 for 2k? Also hughes is from louisville, not stanford.

EDIT: 5:22 doesn’t even make sense for that 2k split.


Good call on both. Yes. Hughes had a 20m lead or so and was 7:24-5 with 400 to go


Cabral was seventh in just under 8:35. Eek


Pack through in 58 for 400…Jenny Simpson wins in 2:00.45


Selma Kajan of New South Wales takes heat two in 2:03.64


Karine Belleau Bellibeau of Les Vainqueurs wins heat two in 2:01.79


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results link



Just bear with me I’m updating from my phone/tablet while watching. Auto correct is a problem for me


Jenna Westaway from Calgary Intl wins heat 3 in 2:06.49


Does she have a 2:00.00-A stand I think-- sorry for dumb but it’s too early for me to keep track- lazy

seeding group really hit it in the w800 heat apportionment


Looks like a 2:01.20 from 2011. http://www.all-athletics.com/node/151786


Felix Kitur of Sm track club in 1:44.84 b Johnson in second with 1:44.85


Felix Kitur dqed for something…


going into this meet there were no A or B standard qualifiers in the womens 800. Doubt we will see simpson in the 800 at the trials though.