Oversized track venues


Obviously most collegiate field houses have standard 200m oval tracks. Which venues are oversized and which ones are banked? Is there a list anywhere? If not let’s get one started.


iowa st

all 300/307 and not banked.

EDIT: nebraska is 200m with hydraulic banking.


Kentucky is 292m unbanked.


The Olympic Ice Oval in Kearns, Utah has a 442m Mondo track around the outside of the speed skating track.


Boston University 200m bank
Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center 200m bank (home track of Northeastern University and Roxbury Community College)
Harvard 220yd bank
Yale 200m bank (only four lanes on the oval)
The Armory 200m bank (duh)
Navy 200m hydraulic bank
Virgina Tech 200m bank (hydraulic?)
Penn State 200m hydraulic bank
Spire Institute 300m flat (8 lanes)
Texas A&M 200m hydraulic bank
Arkansas 200m bank (hydraulic?)
Boise State 200m bank
University of New Mexico 200m bank


Off the top of my head:

200/220 Banked:
Reggie Lewis
Penn State
Virginia Tech
Butler (or is that track now @ IU?)
Texas A&M
Boise State
Idaho State


ETSU is 283 meters.


University of Kansas has a 235m indoor, unbanked.


Not sure why anyone cares this much about any of this

fastest tracks are easy to spot:

  1. Armory, which is simply a god send for NE HS guys

  2. PSU, home to Loxsom sub 1:47 flat and Creese 2:19 1000, plus West 2;21 and Watkins 2:22.0x

  3. 300 and + No banks, UW and ND, no rail at UW, ND not sure anymore, homes of all the fast DMR’s and German 7:47 3K as a frosh

  4. Arkansas 200M banked

  5. Boston, home of Albermalre 7:36.xx 4 x 8 and 10:02 DMR


Northern Arizona is 300m unbanked


GVSU is 300m unbanked


Akron 300m unbanked
Appalachian State 300m unbanked


South Dakota State is building a 300m flat currently.


Doesn’t Haverford have an oversized flat track? Maybe a touch under 300 meters?


no. they have a flat 4 lane 200 meter track. and you are only allowed to wear 1/8 pyramids when you are racing there


ND is 320m flat


Youngstown State University is 300 meters.


KU renovated their fieldhouse. Now just a standard 200m unbanked.


Truth. I actually went and raced there last month - very nice facility now!

I’ve heard that Pitt State (D2) in Kansas is getting a 300m track to host D2 Nationals next year.


Kent State has a 292m flat.