Outdoor PIAA 2011


I’ll be heading over to the state meet for the first time since high school.

Anybody else going or competing?



The weather here in the west was so bad this spring that I expect some huge improvement out of a lot of our kids leading into the state meet.


Are you still coaching somewhere in the WPIAL?

I was surprised to see Gill not further up in the 3200 at WPIALS. Guess he has his eyes set on a bigger goal.

Outside of a few kids from western/central PA, I don’t even recognize that many names anymore which makes it a little less interesting.

The 800 looks to be a good race. I still like the Altoona kid in that.

Supposed to be around 80 with scattered storms out this way on Saturday. Hope it stays dry at least.


word on penntrack was that gil was sick. i predict WPIAL gets 3 of top 5 in the 3200. but then doesn’t fare as well in the other AAA boys track events.


We had some terrible storms rip through the area tonight. Shippensburg really got slammed.

Hope the weather stays mostly dry the next few days.

What would happen if there was thunder and lightning most of the day Friday or Saturday? I’m guessing they have the option to move everything back a day?

I wish I would have taken Friday off of work so I could watch prelims too. None of the kids from my high school are going to make it to finals.


Good meet. I wqtched a lot of it on TV yesterday.

I feel for the Penn Hills girls. They are clearly the best team and have dropped the stick two of the last three years in the 4x1.

That McGaha kid didn’t surprise me by winning, but the way he did was impressive. Nice negative split for the 4:07 and he just ran away from a nice field.

The Double A javelin kid from Northern Bradford had the most remarkable series I’ve ever seen. 222 winning and an average of 210 on his throws with only one foul.

The 300 hurdles were the best performances of the day with both boys and girls breaking really tough records. That kid who ran low 36 is going to have that record potentially forever IMO. We just don’t see that happen around here often. I think it’s the most impressive record at the state meet right now.

Abington guys intentionally false starting then losing both relays that they were resting for is deserved.

The PCN announcers continue to stink. The color commentary guy literally knew nothing about anybody not from Trinity in Harrisburg. One day I’ll get that gig, even though my first year will be my last.


I watched the meet in person for the first time in several years. Still recovering from an awful sunburn, but it was worth it for my coveted spot along the fence right at the finish line. Didn’t move all day.

I think the best PIAA record is still the 200. (20.86 Clinton Davis-Steel Valley 1982) Me and my old coach and a couple of buddies kept going back and forth on this. So many impressive ones though.

Another thing we realized, and I could be wrong on this, but 3 out of the 4 girls on West Catholic’s 4x4 team from a few years back are probably going to be competing in the US Olympic trials…Leach, Thomas and can’t remember the other ones. Could also be totally wrong on this.

I was a little sad to see Craig Miller’s 1600 record fall. He was so, so good and it’s a shame people at states won’t get to see his name in the program for years to come.

The best races I can think of now were O’Hara winning the 4x4, one of the guys 4x8s was really good with a 60 meter or so comeback. AAA boys 800 was exciting but it almost always is.

I really like the sprinter from Clariton too…Coles is his name I think. Heard a lot of nice things about him from different people. He represents his school well.


Coles is hanging on by a thread in terms of being a good kid with the right people. I hope he doesn’t go to Pitt because he needs to get away. He will be full time football in college.