Otis Moulmein


Has been making me laugh lately.

Thread Worthy.


Voted 5 stars.


Great thread! I love you all!

I want to have a giant TrackTalk party with everyone invited where we will all have a splendid evening!


Can we play real life haxball?

I call you as a partner!


Dibs on JRF.

I like his length.




You’re just mad you haven’t been picked



Blonde or Brunette.

Titties are Bootie?


Biceps or abs?


I prefer my men with nice abs but I don’t like when they’re overdone to the point of looking fake/gross.

I also don’t think it’s natural for 120 pound runners to have them.

That’s what you were asking, right???


Yes it was.

Thank you.


ill drink to that


No school tomorrow. I wish I didn’t drink all my Whiskey last weekend.


have three days of running off due to not qualifying for conference.

Lets just say ill end the week with whiskey on a sunday (if you know what I mean)


This thread is relevant to mah interests.


The Gay Part or the Whiskey part?

36 to 1 Odds its the boobie part.




I have a quiz tomorrow. I should not be on Tracktalk.


I’ll take your quiz if you finish my lab report.

I think I get the better end of this trade.



Thoughts on Mumford and Sons?

Should I do the dishes now? Or continue playing Black Ops?


Once you get a few lab reports down, they are pretty easy to bang out. Use the same format, change some words and graphs and you’re good.

This quiz isn’t worth much, but it’s on a lot of chit (that I have to know).

I’m just kind tired because I’ve studied until at least 9 every night this week.