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As requested by ORXCCoach

He will just have to get over it!


And nice job by Kathy Kroger too!

This is just fabulous to see.


Why on Earth did Webb run the 5000?!


So the guy who broke his record at McAlpine could establish the NWO?


Bumbi looked fantastic. He’s changed his arm action and looked tough. I liked that he tricked rupp into kicking–bumbi needed to bust the rust, while rupp had just raced 10,000. Tall order to make this team, but it’s doable.


I liked where the commentators said something to the extent of, “they just ran a 58 second lap and it will be tough to stay with Rupp after that.” Ooopps…:stuck_out_tongue:

Your right, he did look good. Lagat can kick, and Rupp can as well, now. He needs to focus on trying to beat Lomong, IMO. Bumbi showed that he has the wheels at the end, and it did not look like he was digging that hard either. He’s just got to be in position with a couple of laps left, just like the move he made last night.


I feel like he had a equal chance in making the final in both. I think it came down to that they felt his shot in the 5k was better. I guess its hard to guess what would have been, now that he placed last in the final



Ryan Hill :slight_smile:

It was a long shot either way


Best race you’ve seen so far? Men’s 800?


Who carea about so far ha. I am anxious for the 5000 finals. I’m seeing a 54 last quarter with Lopez pulling away from Lagat, and Rupp barely getting Bumbi at the line.

Lopez 13:08
Lagat 13:09
Rupp 13:11 mid
Bumbi 13:11 high


Well, ah, Bro Circle is actually THERE.


For my official predictions please see the leaderboard of the Letsrun prediction contest.

Not only bro circle guy, but the entire Bro Circle.



The best race so far has been Ryan Hill’s prelim in the 5k or curtis beach in the 1500 of the dec

edit:best race was definitely watching curtis in the 1500


Missed this before, but there’s no way it’ll be that fast of a race.

um no you didn’t

but I’ll forgive you for this. world’s biggest Ashton Eaton fan?


Webb sucks, end of story, dude is a total head case.

This Olympics could be one of the best for US distance running in a long time.

Sending potentially 5 of the 6 distance guys in the 5 and 10 who have broken 13 in the 5, that’s legit. More importantly, 3 strong medal contenders in Lomong, Lagat, and Rupp.

And yes, I loved seeing hill do well, hopefully he’ll get a massive PR in finals and run a nice sub 13:30 at least.

Power to Bumbi, represent.

And the 1500 isn’t necessarily front end heavy not does the US have a super stud guy, minus Centro last year, the 15 is super deep. Any of those guys could easily make it if the race goes a certain way.


What’s the Bro Circle.


I’d answer that question, but I’m WAYYY more interested in how one of the three stooges answers this.


After a ton of fundraising the CBHS XC team is heased out to Eugene this week. They are pretty fired up to see that 1500 final. Hoping they get to meet KK and Bumbi.


dont worry about it


I get it it’s a bunch of jerks that call themselves bros.


Someone is jealous.


So you made a tracktalk account just to say you’re going to win state and make bad jokes?