Osama Bin Laden - Status: Dead


Stay tuned




holy **** they are making this sound scary


Yeah I’m actually kind of nervous right now.


This. WTF. It’s not about Libya, which I originally thought. I’m gonna be optimistic and say we got Osama :eek:… basically because they’re scaring the crap out of me right now.


Apparently it’s not about Libya.



Let us know what it’s about.


Confirmed on Fox Bin Laden is dead


They’re informing other people, which is why the time table is slipping.


HELL YEA! I’m chugging a beer in a good old American celebration!


Osama Bin Laden dead, body in U.S. hands.


Rest In Piss IMO


Obama taking way too long to speak, better vote Republican.


I have a feeling he is not with 72 virgins right now, and he’s probably pissed about it.


the greatest game of hide and seek is finally over


Oops, result in thread title. idgaf.



Wish I had a beer in my room.

According to Wolf Blitzer, they got him outside of Islamabad. Can’t say I’m surprised.


Thank you for posting this on facebook. It’s totally making my celebrations better.

This Coors Light tastes so amazing right now. And that’s saying something.


In a mansion with family members. Also, it likely was a robot or drone though “US asset” is kind of unclear.


Big deal. Al Qaeda isn’t going away and their attacks are not going to stop.