Oregon Preview



Just some things I noticed as I scanned through:

Berry (Oregon) ran 2:01.xx for the 800m.
Hassan Mean (OTC) went 7:58 for 3k, with Stinson not too far behind.
Gardner went 54.31 for 400m win

I am sure that there were more note-worthy performances, but I just wanted to put those out there for discussion…


I don’t think 2:01 from Berry is an honest effort. My buddy, who’s primary event is the 400 (47.03 PR), ran the 800 once a year at an early outdoor meet. His training was sprint based as he was the best 100/200 guy on the team as well. He always took it out at the back of an already slow race and still ran 1:55.0 and 1:56.0. I would like to see Berry put in a good effort instead of running to just finish the race.


Something tells me that blasting an overdistance race in high-40s (and rain?) one week after NCAA indoor wouldn’t be the best use of an “honest” or “good” effort.


Why even run at all if you aren’t going to try?


Maybe he did exactly as instructed by his coach.

Why do you care? They guy was coming off a week of (nearly) XC travel and two sub-46 races and a 2nd place finish at NCAAs.