OMG they did it !&#3




Yup, the stat is officially closed.


im crying


those cold hearted bastards. lets tar and feather ben stylvain


this is sooo sad.


Regroup! Regroup!




Originally posted by tb1223@Jun 16 2010, 11:12 PM
Regroup! Regroup!

Those motherf*ckers… Crazy ■■■■ guys.


This is really upsetting. I can’t believe this really happened. It’s so strange because it doesn’t really impact my life at all, yet I feel like a part of me is now gone.


At least we have this to mourn together in. F*ck ESPN.


i wanna crack some skulls




Feel a lil dead inside.


i thought it was going to be a big joke…guess not rip dyestat tracktalk


RIP dyestat. Does anyone know if they are still gonna leave the old posts up?


def did not foresee the end of dyestat making me so bummed out :confused:


Just got back from the bar.

Was perfect timing, as soon as it was closed a buddy of mine called to get some drinks.



I thought this was some sort of april fools joke.
To see it happen was another thing altogether.