Olympic Trials


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Sad to see Clay get DQ’d from 110 hurdles and miss his trip to London…

Very happy for Lolo Jones and Aston! Rupp and Ritz looked good too!


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I respect Rupp as a runner but as a person I’m like… Nose strips? Pollen face mask? Really? I hope he doesn’t drink his beer with a straw.


Never have been a fan of this method of picking a USA team. The thing is to send our best team not who was best in “one” track meet. What if it’s the bad time of month for one of the lady athletes (not trying o be cute/funny) What if someone has a family tragedy the day before the meet?

Yes if there is some question about level of fitness like the Tyson Gay situation, they would be looked at carefully. We would still have our National Championships and those results would factor in just not be the all everything as they are now.

In 1935 Eulace Peacock won the 100 at out Nationals. He beat Jesse Owens. He actually beat Owens 7 of 10 times in the 100. He also beat Owens in his pet event the long jump. In 1936 an Olympic year Peacock was injured at the Penn relays and missed the trials.

Jesse Owens wins four gold medals in Berlin and becomes a legend, who here has ever heard of Eulace Peacock? If he’d been there it’s very realistic to think he might have won the 100, he would have ran on that gold medal 4x1,and just maybe he wins the long jump, he doesn’t beat Owens in the 200.

Then there’s Jim Golliday…


So what would be your solution? Avante hand picks the team?

What happens if any of those things happen at the Olympics? The Trials add pressure and adversity to the equation.

I also think the Olympic standards solve some of the problems you’re worried about. It’s not uncommon for someone outside the top 3 at the Trials to get in because others haven’t hit the standard. Maybe the US could add in a provision to the Trials that if you have a top 3 time in the world following the Trials, you’re automatically in.


Do mean something like a last chance meet? That would be great for someone who was ill, injured or DQ’d at the Trials. But I don’t think that would work out to well. You’d get athletes/agents wanting a berth based on their previous 12/18 months of performances. How’d you like to set an American/World Record in April or May, get sick or injured before the Trials and then be told you’d have to have a top 3 World Time before the Games to get in because 3 people meet the A Standard at the Trials? Shoot, maybe we should let the fans vote for the Olympic Team just like we do for All Star Games.:rolleyes: I think the system we have in place now, even with the few minor flaws it has is the best system for our Athletes.


They let him rerun the hurdles, but then he fouled out of the discus. Had a bad stretch.


Just found out I have a middle school classmate swimming at the trials.


A girl I knew from a rival high school who I also made out with once after frosh year of college is swimming in the trials. She isn’t as cute as she used to be.


I have at least 10 good friends swimming at trials. One is a 14 year old girl too!
One of them has a legit shot at making it, but in swimming it’s only the top 2 in each event that make it so it is very very hard even if you have a legit shot. Plus with these guys like Phelps and Lochte(the new Phelps) who do so many events it’s kind of like the rest of the competitors are fight for that one spot…

Also why is this thread here? I don’t speak of running in the playground…
Good thread in the Elite board.


I posted my news here because it wasn’t running related. I mean the girl I know is pretty dykeish, funny but definitely a fan of the scissor sandwich.


It doesn’t matter what happens at the Olympics, I’m talking about sending our best team to compete there:rolleyes:

Walter Dix is a better 100m sprinter than Ryan Bailey. Everyone into world class sprinting is well aware of that “fact”. Now Dix won’t be running and Bailey will because of “one” meet. What if David Oliver hits a hurdle and goes down? What if long jumper Dwight Phillips fouls out?

A USA track time without it’s best hurdler/long jumper?

Our National team should be selected, yes our Nationals would play a big part in that selection but like I mentioned not the all everything like it currently is.

If they are going to use one meet to determine our Olympic team then have that meet the last week of July.


I really hate being a grammar Nazi, but for Christ’s sakes man, proof read your posts.


rock, paper, scissors to decide who goes?


Part of competing is about performing on the big stage. The Trials put that in the equation. If you choke at the Trials, it’s an indicator that you’re more likely to choke at the Olympics.

Our National team should be selected, yes our Nationals would play a big part in that selection but like I mentioned not the all everything like it currently is.

Who is going to make those decisions? Are you? This is just begging the selection process to turn into a popularity contest.

If they are going to use one meet to determine our Olympic team then have that meet the last week of July.

That’s a fantastic idea! Let’s peak right BEFORE the Olympics!


Not at all. Every year these athletes are world ranked by Track & Field News Magazine. Those are the official rankings. Those who are constantly ranked in the top three and are running on a par with how they usually perform would get the nod over some up and comer who has yet to make a real impact.

I would have went with Justin Gatlin, Tyson Gay and Walter Dix in the 100m As would have everyone into this stuff. Gatlin won, Gay took second and Dix is out with an injury. Dix wasn’t ready to run but had to. Perfect example of what I’m talking about.


You are showing how little you know about this.

Did I not mention injury/a tragedy/a sickness? Please read what’s being said…ok? Hitting hurdles, fouling out, false starting isn’t choking.

I could very easily pick our team. Been into this stuff since the early 60’s. Just as up/into it as anyone.

You do know our athletes will now be running in those European neets right? Now think, try to peak for the trials, then unpeak then try to peak again for the games…dude:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Track is not your thang slick, ok?




I have three passions in life other than my family, music, football and track & field. I know as much about track as anyone. Been into the sport for over 50 years, I would have no problems picking our team. I know who belongs there and who gives the USA it’s best shot at medaling.

Let’s see how I do in the 110’s for an example

Top three

David Oliver…Howard
Aries Merritt…Tennessee
Jason Richardson…South Carolina

Here all it takes is hit a hurdle badly. Which can happen in any 110 race. Those are our three top athletes in that event however.

Dude, you’ve seen me do that silly football trivia…right? You ain’t seen nothing, track is where I really shine:D