Olympic Trials



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Sowinski will have a preliminary on day 2, still trying to figure out if it will be on TV?


Directv I believe channel 603 on NBCSN.-old Versus


Looks live the 800 wont be Live tomorrow as it starts at 7:20 central time and television coverage begins at 8:00 central time


So TV at 8pm tonight?

Friday, June 22nd 9-11 p.m. ET NBCS


Prelims for the 800m


Erik Sowinski gets through to the semis and is 7th fastest among all qualifiers. He finished third in Heat #1 behind Oregon Track Club’s Nick Symmonds and Minnesota’s David Pachuta.



Good for Tegenkamp in the 10K! And cool to see Ritzenheim make the A standard in such bad conditions. Rupp, Teg, and Ritzenheim make a good squad for the US.


They all have Olympic experience. I have been a Ritz fan since the HS days. He’s had a remarkable career thus far and this will be his third Olympic Games at the ripe age of 29. I think he was 7th or 8th in the Marathon in Beijing.


Sowinski in heat 2 of the 800m semis: http://www.usatf.org/events/2012/OlympicTrials-TF/results/StartList7-2.htm


Joe Detmer is sitting in 6th in the decath with just over 4,000 points. Monster LJ of 24’2" which i believe is his best. His 400m was a tad slow at just over 49.X but his shot put was near his PR at 43’X. Good day over all for the former Wisco boys!


Sowinski up: http://worldtvsite.net/pelicula/39/nbc.html


Dead heat for 3rd in the Women’s 100…

It’s unbelievable to me that USATF doesn’t have a procedure for breaking this. I’ve even seen it posted that the official rules say that you draw lots to see who makes the Olympic squad. Apparently a run-off makes too much sense?


Sorry for the double post, but Ashton Eaton setting the world record in the decathlon in those wet conditions over the last two days deserves its own post. I just about fell off my chair when I saw his 27-0 long jump last night. What an effort across all the events! Hope he can keep it going in London.


Apparently it is “kinda sorta” up to the athletes:

This just seems odd.


Dan Hytinen of South Milwaukee/UW-Whitewater made it to finals in the Disc!!!


Kellyn Johnson of Sussex, WI in the women’s 5000m final.


Stilin was the first person out in the 1500 and the second one out in the 5K. USATF really needs to consider expanding the fields. Having a “first round” with 30 guys in the 1500 and then a semi of 24 is absurd. They should have at least 36 in the first round. I wouldn’t even be opposed to starting off with 48, although I like the idea of 36 more. And in the 5K they went from 24 (then 25 with Webb, then 23 after Tegenkamp and Derrick scratched) down to 16. There’s no reason there couldn’t have been 16 guys in each semifinal.


Ritz scratched too, I believe. But yeah, some of the US Trials processes seem a little confusing to me… It seems the USATF cares more about the more “fair-weathered” fans than the athletes and the “die-hard” fans in some respects.


It’s no different than last year unfortunately. I was #28 for the 800 last year for the US Championships, the women took 32 runners and USATF decided to take 27 for the men…yes 27. So here are what the heats looked like.

Event 7 Men 800 Meter Run Senior/Open

Preliminaries: 16 Advance top 3 Plus next 4 fastest times
Semis: Top 4 advance to final
Name Year Team

1 Rob Novak New York Ath
2 Tevan Everett adidas
4 Charles Jock Cal-Irvine
5 Karjuan Williams adidas
6 Willie Brown Akron
7 Tyler Mulder Oregon TC El
Heat 2 Prelims
1 Duane Solomon Saucony
2 Michael Rutt U Conn
3 Kevin Hicks Self Esteem
4 Joe Abbott unattached
5 Casimir Loxsom Penn State
6 Anthony Kostelac Virginia
7 Nicholas Symmonds Oregon TC El
Heat 3 Prelims
1 Sharif Webb Kentucky
2 Cory Primm U C L A
3 Mark Wieczorek unattached
4 David Torrence Nike
5 Elijah Greer Oregon
6 Lance Roller Virginia
7 Richard Jones Santa Monica
Heat 4 Prelims
1 Ryan Martin U C S B
2 Robby Andrews unattached
3 Tetlo Emmen unattached
4 Michael Preble Texas A&M
5 Samuel Borchers Penn State
6 Khadevis Robinson Nike
7 Golden Coachman U.S. Army



Heh, pales in comparison to the USA Olympic Trials for swimming (caught 30 minutes of it tonight out of bordom), in which there were at least 14 heats…yes, 14 heats of certain events with 10, yes 10 lanes per heat. So now you’re talking 140 athletes competing in the men’s 100m butterfly. Prelims to semis to finals. Maybe longer events have less heats, I dunno. I thought 14-16 heats seemed excessive for a 1 minute race expecially when you have guys/gals winning heats by 6+ seconds. Can you imagine a winning time in the 400m of 45.XX in prelims with guys finishing in 50+ seconds…that’s what happens in the swimming trials! I do agree that a happy medium of more qualifiers would be of value.