Olympic Trials Who Goes Where Thread?


Webb is in yet another 1500 with Leo, Torrence, Lagat, Ulrey , Brannen, and somehow Will Leer keeps getting in

I thought Centro was in this one as well, but is not listed ?

Webb has gone coast to coast at least three times in last 5 weeks right?, or is it 6?

He looks to be in this one as well, after last week in Oregon, God Bless him


Agree again. This may be last best shot at the “A”.


because hes the only distance runner to have a positive drug test :rolleyes: :confused:

somewhat naive to think hes the only guy out there who has been dishonest as a runner and since that positive test almost 10 years ago…he has remained on top the the leaderboard of distance runners without a repeat


Zat and I rarely agree on much, first time out of the box, but on Lagat we have been in the same place for over 5 years now, maybe as many as 7?

I think , like anyone else, it is almost like baseball to me now, Lagat is an amazing talent, and we both think he cheated, but probably not unlike over what seems like 60+ percent of the sport, which is a shame.

I cannot tell who the cheats are from the clean guys anymore

Some seem to look more suspect than others.

It was also the thing he did with Lassiter years ago as well, that turned us both off


i feel pretty confident that the american mile record is tainted but it doesn’t influence me to cheer against webb from doing well…

60% is a kind prediction if you ask me king…and track, baseball and cycling in no particular order are the laughing stock of sports when it comes to PEDs


Lagat’s character issues extend far, far beyond his EPO “A” positive, but I’m not beating that horse again. Just search for my username and Lagat.


Like I said with Regina, some are chemicals and some are chemistry sets.

Regina was a chemistry set.


800: Symmonds, Andrews, KD (Jock outside looking in)
1500: Manzano, Torrence, Centro (feel like doubling won’t be kind to Andrews, if the 1500 were first he would make it though)
~If Lomong runs then Lomong, Manzano, Centro (think Centro will sneak in either way)
5k: Rupp, Lagat, Lomong if he runs it, otherwise…Bumbi or Ritz?
10k: Rupp, Curtis, Teg (maybe Derrick?)
Steeple: Jager, Cabral, Alcorn

Probably will change my mind on some of these several times before the trials.


At least he’s probably close to home with this one. It is not like he has anything to lose. He has no “A” standard, has no reason to think he’ll get the “A” at the Trials and probably wasn’t just going to stay in Eugene waiting for the Trials. Maybe he’s getting appearance fees and is simply saving up for diapers :slight_smile:

Torrence surprises me. Seems to me he has everything going for him right now. A huge 5000 PR (even with his crazy last two laps), a 1500 “A” standard FINALLY and then top American at Pre in another very solid PR. Why fly back east even perhaps just risking a cold . . . go home, stay focused and hit the Trials. I don’t see the benefit for him in a cross country trip this close to a race which he now should have every reason to believe could go very well for him and could send him to London on his first international team.

Shame no Centrowitz or McNamara - I thought he was supposed to be here too.

Leer, Ulrey and Webb don’t surprise me.


800 - Symmonds, Andrews and I very much hope Jock holds on for a spot after making the race quick. I’d be tickled to see Loxsom, Greer or Wheating grab a spot too. KD has made his share of teams and still has YET TO MAKE A FINAL. i hope he doesn’t make it although clearly he is in form.

1500 - Torrence, Brown and Manzano (I can’t believe I just wrote that) Gosh I hope Centrowitz got what he wanted from Pre and is simply confident enough that he is just tuning up now for a majestic performance. Wheating too but I think we’ve seen too much to be confident where Centrowitz still has enough of a question mark.

Steeple: Jager, Cabral and Huling

5000 - Braces Boy, Rupp, Lomong

10000 - Rupp, Teg, Derrick (crazy long shot)

What the heck . . .

100 - Gatlin, Rodgers, Patton (not at all happy with this one)
200 - Spearmon, Salaam, Dix (praying against hope he skips the 100 and his hamstring holds up for a spot here). If Gatlin runs the 200 he probably makes both teams.
400 - Merritt, McQuay, Berry (sorry Jeremy)


I think Centro and AJ are or were supposed to be in this as well, just not listed

There are Waaaayyy too many starters in this field yet again.

18, is just too damn many, I am sorry, if I count correctly

there are just too many guys to run around unless you are in that gap right behind the rabbitt


I dont see why derrick is a crazy long shot to make the 10k team. His PR isnt that far behind everyone in the field not named rupp (i dont think anyone else is under 2720) and the only guy who you could conceivable say should have run faster (ritz) is clearly not in that form right now.


I don;t think that Derrick is a long shot either

I also do not think Teg is a sure shot at all either

Rupp is a lock

To me, all other spots are up for grabs

Derrick has had a long year, that’s all.

I liek Curtis’ chances, when don;t I. right? But I do here, as he is fresh. I would have liked to see him run run 5K and hopefully a PR by now, but so be it.

Teg is experienced, but not sure 13:24 makes him look any better than a few here

Ritz, I do not think is in sub 27:30 shape, and if not, will have a tough time.he may very well be, I just don’t think so, not guranteed anyway.


I once met her at the Simplot Games. She was more shredded than the pulled pork sammich I had last Saturday.


Long year for Derrick is my concern but first time on the Big Boy stage can be a real shot of adrenaline.

I am betting on Teg’s experience.

I’d love to see Ritz make it.

Curtis is such a question mark I left him off.


“I still have a pain (in the hip area), but am managing it and I’ve got to get on with it” :frowning:

If Dix’s injury is serious it might even be a real boon to get a 9.9x Gay back to help out the relay team.

I hope Bailey’s injury is not bad either, guess we’ll find out in NY . . .




Torrence has never given any indication that he was ever considering anything other than the 1500. I think it’s safe to say he won’t be having a dramatic change of heart in the eleventh hour, especially after demonstrating at Payton Jordan that he has no clue how to race a 5k.


He ran well at USAs last year.


-You all are discounting Ritz way too much, and Derrick is talented, but he runs like a college boy still compared to Ritz. Ritz is not going to the trials scared of Chris Derrick.

His 27:22 dates back to 2009. Thay wasn’t the AR then and may not be the AR in America right now, but I doubt any of us would be surprised to see Ritz go 27:10 or so given the right race. That is a time I don’t think 3 other people can beat in the U.S, hell, there is no way a 27:22 will only get him 4th. Rupp is the only other American who can drop that on any day of the week. He trotted that 13:14, he just wanted to he his “A” an get out of there. The guy has marathon and Olympic experience, 2:09:55 marathon strength. Derrick has a legitimate chance to be better than Ritz in the long run, even 2 years from now I can see him outrunning Ritz somewhere. But currently in 2012, I don’t see Derrick beating Ritz over 5K or 10K.

Lomong, is a different story over 5K, people might think I’m crazy, but his strength is something that makes me think he could run a marathon someday at a high level. There is just something about the way he runs that makes me think he still hasn’t tapped into an unreal engine that can drop American records. It probably will never happen (him running a marathon), but he’s a unique runner who I honestly could see breaking any American record between the 800m and marathon if he decided to focus solely on one event. The guy just has an unreal ability to be incredible at anything he tries.