Olympic odds




brb, placing bet on this guy.



best longshot-ish bets on mens side (not that i think they will win, but offer best bang for the buck so to speak).

100m asafa powell 20:1 (maybe one of these days he figures it out?)
400m kevin borlee 25:1
800m yuriy borzakovskiy 50:1 (bronze in daegu, proven big meet guy. If rudisha blows up, which i doubt, borza is most likely to pick up the pieces)
5000m lopez “lomond” 50:1 (if the race goes crazy slow, why not?)
400m Hurdles l.j van zyl 33:1 (fastest man in the world last year is the 9th favorite? is he hurt?)
PV steven lewis 20:1 (just went 5.82 to set a PR, PV is always a random chance event)
SP ryan whiting 12:1 (world indoor champ is the 7th favorite)


Trinidad has the team that could make Jama/USA pay for shabby stick work in the 4x1.




Dayron Robles at 10:1 and Kerron Clement at 12:1 look super juicy. I’d be seriously tempted to parlay those.

Other than that, I think the odds look dead on. Whoever made these did an excellent job (though it’s not their job to LOSE money, soooo. . .)


It scares me how nicely that website works for an iphone


im still proud of the fact that i tried to bet dwight phillips at 18:1 before prelims last year and richardson as well (think he was in the teens, cant remember exactly). F*cking irish website wouldnt take my card though, i had $20 on dwight all teed up.


Robles is hurt, has a season best of 13.18, and hasn’t raced since May. Plus, he hasn’t run under 13 since 2008. I would want something like 18:1 before I put money on him.

Likewise, I think Clement is a bit of a longshot to make the final at this point. He has the 12th fastest SB of guys who are going to be in London (although only Greene, Culson, and Tinsley are substantially faster) and ran in excess of 50 seconds in the 400h last week. Even at 12:1 it still seems a bit like throwing money away.

I like McQuay at 12:1 better than either of those guys. The Polack at 20:1 is interesting as well. Laalou and Willis in the 15. Of course, all of those guys are major outside shots. Of the guys who I think have legitimate chances to win, Kiprop at 8:1 in the 10k looks the best. The odds on GB or Japan medalling in the 4x1 are intriguing. 4:1 on Belgium medalling in the 4x4 is not bad, either.


I already put $20 on Ryan Whiting.