Ohio. The best thing since the forward pass



The 7th most populous state.

The birthplace of Bob Kennedy, Jesse Owens, Bob Schul, Dave Wottle, and Sam Borchers.

The birthplace of 7 U.S. Presidents, second only to Virginia (8 total).

Easily within the top ten best running states (behind CA, NY, FL, TX, IL to name a few)

Home to the 2x NBA Eastern Conference Champion Lebron James.

The most important state in the most recent presidential elections.

Home to the Pro Football and Rock and Roll Hall of Fames.

Why does Ohio not deserve its own forum?

Is that too much to ask for?

Many of us have requested a space to freely discuss our state’s glorious achievements (not the Browns), but nothing has been done about it.

I am appalled that even lowly Louisana, a state of no benefit what-so-ever to this country has a space on this forum for themselves. They have seven total threads! Seven!

The prosectution rests. Defense take the stand.

If you would please be kind enough to join the petition for a free-er TT:

  1. Gummy Shark
  2. RedeemTeamXc
  3. rcs1113
  4. schwartz
  5. Wonderlustking


Far out.


Ohio is the worst state in the country, tied with Kansas, Nebraska, Indiana, and Iowa of course. But Ohio is the literally the arm pit of our country and it is also a pointless state.

Best Solution, move somewhere that has a state forum, you’ll do your self a favor.


Great idea is great.

But “Glee” takes place in ohio, thats something.




Jesse Owens wasn’t born in Ohio ya idiot


my top 5 worst states: kansas, nebraska, iowa, south dakota, wisconsin


Hot in Cleveland - that alone should give you enough cred! :smiley:




Psh, you’re just a Lima loser.

Edit: If that’s in any way indicative of the population as a whole, Ohio has by far the hottest girls and most irritating homosexuals per capita.


Ohio sucks. Just ask this guy.


Why? What does he have against Ohio?


He wanted to gtfo.

; )


Yeah. LeBron leaving Cleveland. The hell if that ever happens.


Ohio is better than New Jersey. That’s not saying much. Actually, that’s just saying that Ohio isn’t the 50th worst state. I just wanted people to know how much I hate New Jersey.


Bashing Louisiana is like beating up the kid in a wheelchair


Fun for the whole family?



A thread about Ohio

We all know Michigan is better


michigan blows at sports, the UP state champion in the 800 ran like 1:58, second place was 2:05