disrespectful bunch of hooligans imo.


you made this thread bc of my post


Yes, yes I did.


I’m still undecided but these past couple days I’ve gotten into giving them a listen b/c I started following TtC on twitter. He seems like a douche but I also respect him for that, he speaks his mind.


Yeah, right now I just think he’s unnecessarily rude. But, he is just a kid. The video for Yonkers was kinda tight.

edit - I think Earl Sweatshirt is pretty good though. #FreeEarl


A) MellowHype is the ****
B) I like a lot of their music, but I do have some issues with as well.
C) There are a lot of interesting theories out there about why white people like them so much. I lost the links, but Google if you want. Basic premise was that they encapsulate “black man’s rage” and white people dig their music because of it.


Yeah, Wale gave him and Odd Future a shoutout on twitter and then TtC just went off on a few tweets pretty much bashing Wale.

Just take the compliment you douche. Wait to piss people off until you’ve actually done something mainstream where you can afford to make enemies. He’s always saying in interviews he wants to win awards and make money.


Tyler, the creator is ****ing incredible. Earl sweatshirt is like 16 or 17 and super legit. You do need to listen to it in context, it is a bunch of hooligan kids ****ing around, some if it may be serious but a lot of it is probably not and/or metaphorical but beyond all that the beats and flow and just pure style of most of OF is so good and has so much potential.




voted Wu Tang



Wu-tang bangin in your system, probably bangin with your sister.